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What Dreams May Come


What Dreams May Come

Taking a small glad moment away from the madness, we present two-year-old Parker Curry, recently photographed staring mesmerized at the official portrait of Michelle Obama. At its unveiling, Obama had cited the "girls of color, who (will) come to this place and they will look up and they will see an image of someone who looks like them." On Tuesday, Obama met Parker, and they danced. They also proved, says the artist, that "representation matters."


Wonderful – thank you for this.

And thank you Parker Curry – !!! :slight_smile:


This also introduces a much broader perspective. All of us are Parker Curry. The human propensity to recognize the connections never goes away. Be very aware however that it is precisely this that marketing and advertising tap into to hold human souls in thrall for scurrilous profit. By short-circuiting the natural flows of these aspects of human life, the full breadth of human interaction is ‘externalized’ in other words - set aside at the margin to make way for the profit margin. This is something we must become acutely aware of and come to deep, inclusive understanding of how it negates the health our collective societal lives.


It is a totally beautiful moment. Thanks very much!!!


Thank you for the uplifting story. How about some more of this CD?