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What Drought? Oblivious Rich Californians Whine About Brown Golf Courses, Normal People Drought-Shame Them


What Drought? Oblivious Rich Californians Whine About Brown Golf Courses, Normal People Drought-Shame Them

Despite dramatic new NASA findings that the world is running out of water and the historic drought ravaging California, irritated rich people are having none of this alarmist nonsense. They're insisting we're not all equal when it comes to vital resources, defending their innate right to use more than their share, and plaintively asking - really - "What are we supposed to do, just have dirt around our houses?" Actually, yup, say regular people with just dirt around their houses. Cue drought-shaming, the latest tool in class warfare.


Unethical or vile behavior thrives in secrecy.


I assume that the individuals in the lower picture are the owners of that obscene palace. Are we supposed to recognize who they are?


Yes, they were mentioned in the article…


From Abby:
The people with nice green lawns and enough money and chutzpah to water them complain the vigilantes are "promoting greater discord among the civilian population,” by which they presumably mean even more discord than their grotesque economic disparities represent…

Exactly right! Turn the damned question right back, when Marie Antoinette or her press agents frame the blame at the victims. Point the finger at the true agent of discord.


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One of the women in Rancho Santa Fe actually bought a clue and tore out her lawn and re-landscaped with cacti and drought resistant plants. So no, bare dirt is not the only option. Of course, if they really have to have the green, they could get that spray painted gravel some folks use in the desert…

This is some of the first bumping up against the planet’s finite limits. No, it doesn’t make sense to grow most of the nation’s food in a drought prone zone that is the next best thing to a desert. No, it doesn’t make sense to have so many millions of people living there either.


Can’t they just landscape with dollar bills?

Green, eco-friendly and shows the peasants who’s who.

It could even be used to one-up the other one-percenters: “Oh, you used dollar bills for your lawn. I used hundreds.”

It’s win-win!


How can they be “oblivious?” Do they not read a newspaper or heed the governor’s mandate to curb water consumption? I say they are heartless, obstinate, and impervious…especially the couple (KimKan) in the photo. Very sad.


Weeee HHaaaa!!! Now you’re talkin’…


ctri_z…your reply is more than cute…thanks for the truth…and the laugh;)


— Thanks! —