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What Electoral College Must Do


What Electoral College Must Do

Jessica Levinson

This is our last moment to stop a Donald Trump presidency. But how many times have we thought that?

He won despite the racist and misogynistic remarks, the failure to release tax returns, the many lies about policy positions and Hillary Clinton, the debate performances and the early morning Twitter rants – any of which would have sunk any other presidential candidate.


The electoral college is supposed to act as a check against the dangers of populism but it seems to me that the best system would be to determine the winner by majority vote. However, this would strongly favor Democrats at this point of time. The Democrats have won the majority of the vote in six of the last seven elections. That electoral college allows the white majority to still play a critical role in national elections and in this election in particular white voices made themselves clear that they are getting the short end of the stick thanks to establishment politicians. So Trump's politically incorrect rantings were largely music to the ears of many white who feel they have been not allowed to say what they want to say. They have had up to here with being overly nice to racial minorities and various ethnic groups. Trump allowed them to unleash their feelings. What emerged is what many of us would call "hate."


Articles is such a vein totally ignore the many shortcomings of Hilary Rodman Clinton.I do not see her as being any more "fit" to be president. The DNC with its actions to ensure Sanders defeated, including "fake news" (throwing of chairs at rallies) and the purging of voters such as happened in New York along with all of the other stuff revealed by Wikileaks , show a sleazy campaign just as happened with Donald trump. It was very much a Mr Sleaze meet Mrs Sleaze campaign.

Hilary Rodman Clinton also told "many lies" and in fact claimed if the results of the election not honored by Mr Trump it proof he a demagogue and undemocratic. The campaign on both sides should be seen as embarassing , just as the rest of the World saw it.

This nonsense about "wise elders" saving the people from themselves is exactly that. It is saying the peoples in the States represented by the Electors that flip , are not entitled to their vote. It is elitist swill and it this elitism that at the heart of the rot in the Democratic party , the leadership of which continues to advance the meme that It knows what is best for the people it claims to represent as it promotes policies that fill the pockets of the 1 percent even as it promotes yet more wars abroad.

That Trump is a racist and a bigot yet was elected to run as the republican candidate is a reflection of the rot in the system just as the rot in the system put forward Hilary Rodman Clinton as the Democratic candidate. It is also a reflection of underlying racism and bigotry amongst a large segment of the population.

I do not think it wise to fix rot with more rot which is what the Electoral is by suggesting that in order to slavage the election the peoples in that College simply elect the person they prefer over that which the people in their State voted for. I do not think "democracy' served by implying that those that voted Mr trump should not have votes counted because they racist.

One might as well claim these people have no right to vote and that every bit as wrong as the purging of voters rolls.

I find it so very odd that so many people suggesting that the members of the Electoral College vote thier conscience and overrule the expressed desire of the majority of the people in the State they represent were the same voices that claimed that people did not have the luxury of voting their conscience when Sanders was running against Clinton in the primaries and were purists rather then realists when they did so. When Clinton won that primary those that decided to vote their conscience were also slammed for staying home or voting Green. The people that supported ms Clinton would not be in this situation had THEY voted their Conscience in the primaries.

If one really wants the electors to vote their conscience and does not care who the people in the State voted for, one might as well demand they vote for Stein as president.

That won't happen.


'this pesky issue of the Russian government potentially swaying the election.'

  1. As if leaking the truth were some sort of nefarious action, although Orwell said something about truth telling was a act of revolution or something like that so no wonder they're all so worried.

  2. It was a leak and not a hack We even know who did it although CD has yet to print that information that's out there in the rest of the world. UK diplomat said he picked up the flash drive and passed it to Wikileaks. Why isn't that the new talking point? Perhaps it doesn't fit the preferred and preset narrative.


I can only shake my head in incredulity at this mess. The fact of the matter is by the current rules, Trump won, like or not (believe me, I do not like it). Now if they start moving goalposts to have a different outcome, and they install someone else in there, this will de-legitimize not only HRC or whoever is chosen instead -- it will de-legitimize the very office of the presidency itself. The Secret Service will likely have to quadruple its staff because a lot of people won't accept this kind of goalpost shifting. Do they really think people will just accept this? It was bad enough when GWB was "elected" by the SCOTUS in 2000. This will be far worse a rejection.

Now, if an "installed" president is what they want, fine whatever (the entire government itself has been illegitimate in my eyes anyway). But there are consequences that stretch far beyond a four-year term and it amazes me that this has not been taken into consideration. They are setting a precedent for tyranny in the original sense of the word. People are playing with fire here more than they realize. It never fails to amaze me how myopic the ruling class can be, and how so many lemmings just go along without considering the consequences and precedents being set.

On the other hand, I suppose it is time to get rid of the façade of democratically elected leaders. The only use us plebs have for the ruling class is to help present a thin veneer of "democracy" who gain no political representation in the end anyway. This could help speed things up a bit. Let it fall.


HRC and the office of the presidency were already de-legitimized long ago, with the most recent symptom being the rigging against Sanders during the nomination. There is a reason why so little people vote.


And the leaked emails aside -- people already KNEW that there was fishy business going on against Sanders -- people were calling on DWS to step down over a year ago, with the obvious "anomalies" of only 6 debates (as opposed to 24 in 2008), etc. We already knew something was up -- we didn't need leaked emails to know what was going on -- the emails merely confirmed what everyone already knew was going on.


Clinton is responsible for her own destiny. She will forever be known as the spoiler who set this disaster into motion. She saw her own plans disappear so she destroyed our favorite candidate as she sent this nation to the bottom.

May Karna deny her the future that she demanded but grant her the one that she so richly deserves.


She and the Democratic Party leadership.


Great summation of the situation.

And I agree, if Conscience is truly involved, then Stein is the only actual alternative.


The kind who think they can survive a nuclear war and the nuclear winter that would follow.


Thank you for bringing that aspect up! I have wanted to do so for some time but have grown weary of being called a Trump supporter every damn time I point out some truth like that on this site.


"any of which would have sunk any other presidential candidate"

Correction: "any one of which would've sunk DT had he been running against anyone but HRC, who won her primary in part via the same voter suppression techniques that ultimately sunk her"


Cenk Uygur had the right answer to the issues you raise. No, the electors should not just arbitrarily decide someone is dangerous and override their pledges. But Trump's business dealings clearly violate the emoluments clause of the constitution, which they also pledged to uphold. But of course it won't (and didn't) happen ...