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What Else Is Barrett Hiding? Dems Demand Answers After Trump Supreme Court Pick Caught Concealing Talks to Anti-Abortion Groups

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/12/what-else-barrett-hiding-dems-demand-answers-after-trump-supreme-court-pick-caught


The problem with Barrett’s nomination goes beyond her religious fanaticism, her obvious bias towards issues that will certainly come before the SC should she be appointed there, or her apparent dishonesty in a failure to disclose evidence pertinent to her appointment hearing.
It is the process itself that comes into question. McConnell has set a precedent he now ignores when he refused to hear the Garland nomination citing an election year as the reason. Now , during almost exactly the same scenario, not only an election year but amidst an ongoing campaign with an election a mere weeks away while Garland’s denial took place months prior to the start of a campaign.
Sanity must be restored to our governance!


What is she hiding? Just use your imagination. She’s a “true believer” in the most noxious sense - unswayable by rational argument, unable to see any validity in opposing viewpoints, dogmatic in the extreme. She is what theocrat wet dreams are made of, and democratic adherents have nightmares about.


Are we really go into have this conversation again? Once again, for the slow kids in class. If a POTUS names a candidate for SCOTUS, and that POTUS and the senate are controlled by the same party that candidate is a LOCK.
Let’s face it, short of finding a film of Barrett wearing a brown shirt, burning books and screaming “Achtung Juden!” She will be sitting on the court by Election Day. And even if they did find such horrible and damning evidence, she’s still a lock, as she is the culmination, the lynchpin, of the last fifty years of the libertarian takeover of the US. The Koch’s and their partners in the modern oligarchy have managed to implement all the fondest dreams of the John Birch society since the days of the Powell memorandum. All they need now is a federal court system that will maintain that new libertarian status quo.
Done and done.
By this time next year, the ACA, marriage equality, and abortion will all be as dead as the dodo. Only a bold and unprecedented progressive legislative agenda could possibly stop this coming march towards Christo-fascism. Instead of The Democratic Party wasting its time on a hapless and hopeless smear campaign on a judge who obviously has no conscience, how about concentrating on winning November 3rd and having a progressive agenda in place and ready to go on January 21st.


Why is Schumer announcing that they will not supply the quorum for a vote? If he was serious, they just wouldn’t show up. Now the Republicans can take countermeasures. This won’t even be a speed bump.


What else are corporate news media hiding? Perchance are they hiding the fact that Coney is a corporate handmaid? Are they hiding the fact that she is perfectly willing to throw people under the corporate bus, give more and more power to corporations, abet the evisceration of democracy and enthrone transnational corporations as the true rulers of Murca… provided, of course, that those true rulers include religious fundamentalists on their board of directors?

The corporate handmaid is not only opposed to the separation of government and religion. More fundamentally, she is also opposed to the separation of government and corporation.

Cut to the chase. Citizens United is a Supreme Court decision that, in a nutshell, authorized the principle that democracy and civil liberties are fully subordinate to economic power… that might makes right when it comes to governance and policy-making. What is Coney’s view of Citizen’s United? This question is more important than the question about Coney’s view of Roe v. Wade, because it cuts to the true heart of Coney’s jurisprudential philosophy.

Corporatism is the true heart of her philosophy, not Theocracy. Theocracy is but a handmaid to corporatism. That is how it has always been. People won’t be free until the last corporate executive is strangled with the entrails of the last religious fundamentalist. Religious fundamentalism and market fundamentalism must be eliminated together.

Corporate fascism abetted by theocracy — that is the blueprint that Murca’s owners are following. And the leaders of both major political parties are dutifully implementing that agenda. Let’s be candid.


It’s too late… Trump, Mitch, and Roberts are already salivating about having a handmaiden on the court.


The lamestream and standard liberal media (The Nation, etc.) are already spinning the confirmation hearings by saying the Dems shouldn’t ask about the Handmaid’s religious beliefs.
That’s exactly what they should be asking about, because it’s obvious the Handmaid wants to erase separation of church and state, especially as regards women’s body sovereignty.
The Handmaid wants to make women mere fetal chambers, vessels for men (including rapists and incestuous family members) to inject semen into, impregnate, and then force the women to carry the rape baby to term and deliver it. Sick!
When you’re evaluating someone who is to be a SCOTUS member, it’s totally legit to explore the fact that she’s so irrational as to devoutly believe in an invisible Catholic sky father who flooded the whole world, raped a virgin, and murdered his own son, and an ancient book full of primitive myths and bizarre dogma.
She’s devoted to a “church” that is better described as an international pedophilia organization.
She should be disqualified because her mind is so hacked by patriarchal radical right-wing Catholic theology that she’s incapable of being a good judge of anything.
Block the Handmaid 2020.


Chuck and Nancy, too…


Where in the hell does the Constitution suggest that only believers belong on the bench? Bueller?


Actually, that would make her a lock for SCOTUS with McConnell and Republichristofascists.


But they’re getting the trio back together! Kavanot, Barrett, and Roberts all worked on Bush v Gore together. Shame to break that up. It’s all in the continuity, you see.


Mitch McConnell has held our country hostage for years. He must go. He has no soul. No morals or scruples. He is a scab.


I believe she has stated that her faith guides her so it’s a fair subject to explore. A judge may be influenced by their faith but judicial decisions must be based on legal principles and the law not based in faith or religion.


Those three should recuse themselves from any bullshit court shenanigans trump may try.


“Recuse” happens in democracies.

In the US, democracy is sooo twentieth century.

Twenty first century US fascist theocracy soon celebrates its twentieth birthday. In a year it will be able to legally drink…or more like legally eat us alive.


Spot on. The democratic establishment has always been complicit in and enabling of trump and his crimes. In so doing they have acted treasonously toward the democratic ideal that informs and sustains our social order. Making faces at trump and lobbing puffery statements of feigned outrage followed by inaction represents their phony opposition to trump and reflects their commitment to the neoconservative austerity that fuels their elitism. Never forget “Impeachment is off the table” as well as their opposition to universal health care led by the vicious Pelosi and her trendy-hip wardrobe. She may not be behind the curtain, merely behind her tony neck scarves, but the message and its effects are the same: we’ve got ours, to hell with you, be content with your lot. A collective bunch of rotten bastards.


While I am not adverse to exploring what appears to be religious fanaticism, placing the bible above the constitution, I think the hearing should explore actual legal reasons for her unfitness for office.
Remember, a majority of Congress professes various degrees of religiosity as does a majority of the public as well.
The statements she has made in the past should make her recuse herself on all issues involving Roe, health care as well.

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Dementia…kinda makes you wonder if Trump is a SuperSpreader of Dementia, caught by Nance…

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Unfortunately, Mitch is not an anomaly. he is just your typical Republican and in my view the whole damn Republican Party must go!