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What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger?


What Explains the Power of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Middle Finger?

Glenn Greenwald

The penalty phase of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial began Tuesday in a federal courtroom in Boston. Already convicted of 30 felony counts relating to the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon, an attack that killed 3 people and maimed dozens more, the 21-year-old will now have the jury effectively decide whether he should spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison without the possibility of parole, or be executed.


Click the link and go to Greenwald’s full article, it is worth the read. Detail about the mass incarceration state that is the USA. Also shows the actual video the still is taken from, which shows clearly that the gesture was not what it is being triumphantly framed as by jingoistic media.


Greenwald is touching upon one of the most frightening aspects of certain segments of our society–the mean-spirited who seek to inflict pain, suffering, and deprivation on others. It starts with Spare the rod, spoil the child and gets progressively worse.


Thank you for specifying “certain segments of our society” rather than brushing with one uniform stroke to speak, allegedly, for all citizens.

Authoritarians who identify with a top-down, father knows best model of society embrace (by habit, or via conscious consent) the punitive codes that allot them a measure of law and order. Most persons outside of these frames feel the pain; and as is now becoming commonplace, punishment can hit in the form of a campus rape or a police officer’s homicidal rage aimed at a Black man who’s walking down a street. Add to the list the underclass being treated as a cash cow for items like unpaid traffic violations, and the levels of misery extend way beyond prison cells.


Only the inhuman attempt to dehumanize


We US citizens Constitutionally rule our governments.

In reality, we have abandoned our Constitutional authority to the sleaziest thugs who charm us.

The more we surrender, the sleazier they become. Consider the gaggle of them already running for Celebrity Wall Street Servant in Chief through our unique mock elections next year.

No matter how much those sleaze bags rip us off on behalf of the kleptocrats who call themselves ‘investors,’ we refuse to change course.

Thus it is that as authority collapses, turning increasingly reactionary as a result of the mental illness brought upon oneself by participating in that game of election fools, rather than voting none of the above or for a third party, we keep blaming ‘politics’ as if that somehow explains something.

It doesn’t explain anything but the speaker’s ignorance. We refuse to consider that our own wilful ignorance authors that increasingly violent, rapidly disintegrating Constitutional authority. Instead, we give another finger to the thugs we also give our votes.

What more than that explains Dzhokhar’s middle finger becoming so alarming?


Get Old Sparky warmed up.