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'What Fascism Looks Like': Israeli High Court Upholds Expulsion of Human Rights Watch Director Omar Shakir Over Alleged BDS Support

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/what-fascism-looks-israeli-high-court-upholds-expulsion-human-rights-watch-director

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He’s got a point:


Say what you will, but the Jewish survivors certainly paid attention during the Holocaust. They now run a top notch ghetto, and their ministry of communication would make Goebbels himself proud.


The USA does the same thing, banning scholars and others who criticize the Empire.
Zionism and American “exceptionalism” work hard to hide the truth and persecute the truth-tellers.

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He should have been kicked out long ago, this is what democracy looks like …Israel welcomed thousands of Human Rights workers every year, and HRW can appoint another person to this position. Israel has every write to deport individuals who advocate boycott and wish to harm the state of Israel, just like every democracy on the planet would and should.

Israel is not a democracy, and the idea that it respects human rights is laughable. The hasbara crowd is losing and you know it.


yea! can’t you keep your criticisms of apartheid and deprivation of human rights polite?!?


It is not a democracy only to brainwashed twits like you, but according to every independent study I have seen such as one from Freedom House or the Democracy Index, and others that put detail studies of political state of each country annually. It is very much a democracy that is ahead of many western EU countries.

Palestinians living in Israel are registered voters. Right?


Wow, a Bibi-sucking Zionist shows up here, and one who is so poorly-trained that he doesn’t even know the difference between “write” and “right.”
“Israel has every write…” (sic)
Bibi is going to be very upset with you. Perhaps he’ll throw you into a torture chamber like he does with Palestinian children.


such as one from Freedom House or the Democracy Index

Lol it’s not working bubby.

Blah Blah blah …and zero facts only dimwitted adolescent delusion about how the world works,

Go run to your mama…tell her Zionists are picking on you again.

Want facts dummy?

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That’s not facts that’s called propaganda…learn the difference.

You really are thick as a brick, or maybe you’re just being paid to be a talentless hasbara troll.

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Nobody pays me or I would be very rich off fools like you.

Oh so you give it away for free. There’s a word for that.

I do it for my own amusement…I know your scull is too thick to grasp any new concepts beyond what they brainwashed into you and you can’t teach stupid.

The word is spelled skull. I dare you to refute a single fact in the HRW report I linked to above. If not, then just go back under your rock.

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