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What Flynn Could Learn From Kerry About Iran

What Flynn Could Learn From Kerry About Iran

Trita Parsi

Even the most inexperienced commander knows not to escalate without having de-escalatory options at hand. That is the most troubling issue with National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s harsh “notice” to Iran yesterday in response to Tehran’s ill-advised missile test. Flynn’s statement may have been bluster. The Donald J. Trump presidency is only a few days old and there is pressure to signal its firmness and the approach it will take in the Middle East.

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Amateur hour indeed. Certain forces are so eager to see the Iran deal fail that they ignore what it contributes to peaceful coexistence. They don’t understand that America can be “first” only by respecting the sovereignty of all other nations.

I’m not sure why people are ignoring the real story about Flynn:


Also, even while Russia has increased the violence in Ukraine, Trump allows companies to do business with the FSB:


How many data points do people need before they see a pattern?

Rule #1 of Foreign Policy needs to be “He Who Advocates Any Foreign Policy Other Than International Peace And Cooperation Shall Have To Physically Lead Whatever Battles His/Her Combative Policies Create, And Shall Have To Sleep In Foxholes With Those Forced To Fight Those Battles.”

“Tehran’s ill-advised missile test.”

So Iran tested a missile. Who else does not test missiles? Are all missile tests ill-advised? I think so.


Understand this - they want war with Iran. Their only problem is how to make it look like Iran’s fault that active hostilities started so their blind and mindless supporters can whip themselves into their usual USA USA USA frenzy. The loss of life on both sides simply does not matter. This very likely will spiral out of control as Iran has allies that rightfully see themselves as seriously threatened this country. Also, Iran has stated that they will no longer accept petro-dollars as payment for oil. That alone is the cardinal sin.

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What else should we expect from the mental trumpenfuhrer and his cabinet of planned destruction? I am reduced to vindictive, utter contempt, and despair…if not for the wonderful millions in the streets it would be worse.

We are now in the land of the corrupt “deal” and home of the liar-in-chief with no “checks and balances” left - zeig heil! - waiting for a krystallnacht, another reichstag fire and false-flag excuse for nuclear war…

The most un-educated, ill-experienced, soulless, heartless, frankly mad, and shallow prez in history - the fish-head “leader” and his odorous cabinet of horrors - the fascist counselor, the caricature skank idiot, the racist bigot, the stuttering mouthpiece, the oil magnate, the environmental rapist destroyer, the houseboy fool, the rabid warmonger, the corporate/banker usurers, the for-profit education shill, the police-state spook, the zionist agent - and the “fascism forever” court nominee - exactly what a criminal betrayal of everything America has ever ostensibly stood-for looks like…could the stench possibly be worse?..if there isn’t an immediate organized force/movement to stand-tall in opposition to these threats we can say bye-de-bye to the great American experiment!