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What George Floyd and Breonna Taylor Can Teach Us About the History of the War on Drugs and Needed Police Reforms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/04/what-george-floyd-and-breonna-taylor-can-teach-us-about-history-war-drugs-and

The War on (Some) Drugs, if nothing else, has proven to be a most useful pretext for chipping away at the Bill of Rights; and so, if for no other reason, that’s why it must be ended.


What’s the point of a war on drug users (as opposed to drug suppliers)?

Like any war, it needs to be justified or ended.

The benefits of this war on drug users, sufficient to justify the huge damage it is doing to society and the devastation of so many lives this war is causing, are nowhere to be seen.


There were two major blocks of voters that Nixon felt a threat to the United States of America and the rule of its Oligarchs back in the 1970s.

These were the “hippies” who were primarily anti-war but were also protesting against what they deemed “The establishment” and then the Black Panthers and Civil rights movements who were mainly focused on Civil rights and equality for Blacks versus whites.

The war on drugs which he initiated was implemented to destroy these movements. Both groups experimented with drugs and by passing laws to make the “war on drugs” a priority the administration could round up , imprison and outright murder peoples in either group.

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The war on drugs has cost the US (that’s you and me, the tax payer) an estimated $1 trillion to date.
Roughly $10million are spent every day to incarcerate people with ‘drug-related offenses’. That’s just insane…

The militarized War on Drugs is utilized disproportionately on black and Latino citizens and contributes to the mass incarceration of lower-income people of color, and the unjust murders of many civilians, including Taylor. Obviously true – but the addition of a comma, and repeating the word people, would make it even more accurate and stronger. I worked with families caught up in this war - and the families not just the “target” suffer’s, with lower-income people usually having to plead guilty - sometimes to lesser charges, while higher income people with high power and expensive lawyers at times beat the charges.

Part of this waking up is the legalization of weed-----look at all the BS pushed if weed was legalized----some stupid drug that makes you fall asleep------and people turn on their tv and see these cops dressed like it’s WWIII------In Trump’s 4th address he is basically saying he is at war with half the country---------Trump is running an ad blaming Biden for all the protests-----------maybe someone should explain to Trump that he is President.