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What Global Climate Deal? UK Lawmakers OK Fracking Under National Parks


What Global Climate Deal? UK Lawmakers OK Fracking Under National Parks

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

British lawmakers on Wednesday voted to allow fracking under national parks and other protected areas.

"It is incredible that this decision comes just days after signing a ground-breaking climate change agreement in Paris," stated MEP Scott Cato.

The Guardian reports that


They do that and we okay shipping oil overseas! India agrees but says they'll be building lots of new coal fired plants! Looks like they figure people will go for the climate deal and not care about the 'no deal' behind the scenes. Say what?

Cynics! They were forced to acknowledge that climate change is real but almost out of spite they want to act as if it isn't.

Maybe they in their archaic denial think the climate deal isn't really necessary yet so that they now have room to pollute more than before the climate deal.

Maybe they just don't give a damn and figure we won't be able to say much about this or to be able to stop them since they'll say "Oh but we have a climate deal!"


The world is under attack. Its not aliens from outer space or aliens from next door that are doing the damage. Everywhere its the same story. Protesters and environmentalists push forward thinking they are gaining a step, then we are all pushed two steps back. Today we saw the US congress sell out completely to the FF industry by lifting the ban on oil exports. The democrats will say it was a fair deal for whatever they got, but they betrayed us all. Both sides are traitorous. Both parties are all about the money. Hillary takes their money, but still there are those that think she will stop the madness. She will complete it.


Guess the UK (Wales is a prime example) did not learn anything from their profligate coal and slate mining days. The land mass of the UK will not tolerate widespread fracking as there will be catastrophic consequences very soon.


There is a sickness.... it is pervasive among soso many... in my circles, even those who say they "believe in climate change" do not want to talk about it... and they may "believe" but, they do not understand. They really do think that these climate deals are going to fix everything and their lives will be just dandy. They big daddy is taking care of it with money and technology.
Well, I sent this to a few of them ..
https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=videos+on+the+release+of+methane +from+the+arctic&view=detail&mid=
VIRE5 Check this out...I chopped it up a bit for this website.. I'm sure some of you have already seen it..


oops, thought I chopped it up...


I have heard that the British government is developing submarine trains to run in the London Underground for when sea-level tops the Westminster Embankment. They won't be able to use the electric lines so the British government, now that British coal mines have been long shut down, are doing a deal with India to ship Australian coal from India to reinstate steam engines to pull the underground submarine trains. Of course the cabs will be sealed but the smoke and CO2 will bubble out into the water where the CO2 will be dissolved thus making the system carbon-neutral.............

David Cameron's Eton education was an education for brilliance in innovative thinking.......


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Stop the histrionics. You act like there will be some other choice between the two candidates in this election. Well there isn't.

Spare me the "We have to work for a future third party" baloney! That is a great idea for the years in-between elections when building a third party is necessary. It isn't a reality in this election, so get real about it.

Get real about the dangers of a republican getting into office. Get real please.


This in the same week the Tories have slashed subsidies for solar panel installation down by 67%. So much for Cameron's bullshit speech at the Paris climate summit saying how we need to preserve and protect the planet for future generations etc. These things juxtaposed with his speech prove conclusively an irrefutable fact: the man is a LIAR, his words mean NOTHING.

I wonder if the fact that Chancellor George Osborne's father-in-law, Lord Howell, is a lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry who combines his role as president of the British Institute of Energy Economics (sponsored by Shell and BP amongst others) with the role of energy minister at the Foreign Office, has anything to do with it? Or am I just being cynical.