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What Had Philando Done?


What Had Philando Done?

The moving funeral of Philando Castile drew thousands to the Cathedral of Saint Paul, where speakers lamented the beloved school cook had become "the face, (the) cause, (the) seed, (the) sacrifice" amidst America's racist, random police violence. Even as mourners followed his casket on a horse-drawn carriage, news emerged that his death - one of too many - came at the hands of a cop who'd attended a dubious, paranoia-stoking "Bulletproof Warrior” training that can't have helped.


There is a solution: Ban guns across the board and begin with the cops. You like to hunt? Then do it with bows and arrows.


Noticed a few media outlets were trying to push this story today. Not getting too much traction tho....


**Almost half of those arrested by police in this area are black -- **
despite the fact that African-Americans make up only about 7% of the population.

It also turns out that Jeronimo Yanez, Castile's killer cop, had previously attended a dubious seminar by the for-profit Calibre Press, infamous among some law enforcement experts for paranoia-stoking, shoot-when-in-doubt, "irresponsible” and “dangerous” so-called training sessions focused on the message to cops that "hesitation can get you killed." Yanez reportedly took their seminar "The Bulletproof Warrior" in 2014; the year before, he also took "Street Survival" and “Officer Survival.” His priorities were clear. Alas Castile, too many black men and women, and ultimately all of us pay the untenable price.

It sounds more like our military training -- "Shoot anything that moves" in Iraq.


Black skin is very scary stuff to a cop.


The funeral procession was beautiful in all its simplicity and symbolism, which is a fitting send-off for a kind, loving young man gunned down in his prime. Blessings and prayers for comfort from me to the friends, family, and fiancee of Philando Castile!


The officer had all that training in the last two years that prepared him to find a bad guy ready to decimate him. The saying, "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail" is certainly true in this case, isn't it? Well, what if he hadn't been prepared to see a violent person there, but someone in need of a fix-it ticket or a warning about a traffic violation? Maybe, just maybe, this young man would still be pouring out love to his family, and to the children at the school where he worked and served those young ones daily. This is all so heartwrenching, no one should ever go through this, no family should need to endure this kind of loss.


leftkat --

There seems to have been a lot of paranoia driving those classes and those who took them.
They are not willing to understand the enrichment of lives that you are speaking of in your post.
This harassment of the AA community is going on every day and our government isn't
doing anything about it, really. We have to believe that we will be able to change things and
end the suffering of all of our citizens.


A beautiful way to react to a despicable act!