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What Happened to Trump’s Pledge to Close This Billionaire Loophole?


What Happened to Trump’s Pledge to Close This Billionaire Loophole?

Jim Hightower

The president's pledge to roll back a hedge fund loophole has mysteriously vanished from his tax plan.

Donald Trump, who promised last year to close the special hedge-fund tax break, has mysteriously omitted that vow from the “tax reform” framework the White House released this fall. (Photo: Shutterstock)



Don’t forget, he’s a pathological liar.


Tax money is confiscated to line the pockets of dotards, with increasingly fewer services provided for increased amounts of money taken from multiplying humans.

This money, once taken, is kept hostage in systems that only these select families can access.
All IPOs from companies are only offered to very wealthy people, the only PUBLIC in the initial public Offering.
“Financial Instruments” are used “Grow” the “Wealth” for these privileged “smart” and obviously equal people.

Meanwhile, we make protests and blog here.


Maybe China will close a lot of these loop holes. Billions of worthless dollars, imagine.


What you mean-um “mysteriously”, Kemo Sabé??   Like nearly all of his “populist pledges”, it has disappeared down the same rabbit hole as his promise that EVERYBODY would have health care, and that it would be both better and less expensive than O’BummerCare (which would be repealed and replaced on Day One).  Hint:  It’s the very same rabbit hole that Alice fell into – the one which eventually led her to a meeting with Tweetle-Dumb himself.  Maybe somebody should build a wall around it, and charge Mexico for the construction costs . . .


Exactly the price of being poor keeps going up.


I don’t think everyone understood what “healthcare” meant. Wait, we may still get that bandaid in the mail.


The United States of Greed and Corruption. We should all take a knee!


You can treat people with civility or you can bomb the hell out of the world. You choose.


Unirtunatnty the choice isn’t being left to me.