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What Happens If Trump Does Stop Aid To Palestinians?


What Happens If Trump Does Stop Aid To Palestinians?

Ali Abunimah

US aid to the Palestinian Authority has averaged around $400 million a year – and primarily benefits Israel by reinforcing the status quo of occupation.

A million Palestinians in Gaza depend on UNRWA emergency food rations. That number soared from just 80,000 in 2000, after years of Israeli siege and military assaults on the territory. Abed Rahim Khatib APA images


Here’s to hoping that the EU steps in with both financial aid for both the PA and UNRWA, and an offer to take over as mediator in the non-existent IP peace negotiations.

The US was never an honest broker. Nothing but the status quo Israeli land grab was ever going to come from US mediation. It’s time for that farce to end.

I guess that’s the bright side of a Trump Admin: The rest of the world is moving on from US hegemony.




Nikki Haley is the craziest woman not in an asylum and should be committed. I didn’t see it mentioned the Israel gets over $3 billion in direct aid from the US, AIPAC greases the wheels of Congress to ensure that the funds never stop. I do hope the funds go to Palestinian aid the directly helps the poor oppressed people themselves. Imagine $3+ billion to help Israel kill and oppress people while they steal their land. This is taxpayer money, too bad taxpayers have no say in its use.


If the US cuts off aid then the rest of the World will have to make up the difference. It may mean that defense budgets get pared back slightly or other charitable causes lose a small amount of funding, but the missing funding must be replaced.


My take is we are witnessing a tragedy, for Palestine and for all those who yearn for a calmer world.

Trump insulted, threatened and intimidated China throughout the campaign. The Chinese responded by setting up think tanks to figure out how best to go round his bullying… They welcomed him, flattered him and now they have him where they want him.

Abbas, instead of being prepared, threw insults at him and “disrespected him”

This is what a victim mentality does, get angry, cry fowl instead of using the head, being savvy.

Trump created leverage on Netanyahu, put him on a position he couldn’t walk from negotiations. Talk about missing an opportunity! I see a tragedy unfolding and see limited paths forward. The best being Palestinian students getting pictures of their placards in the West, “freedom or equality”. That would put a card in Abbas hand.


I’m shocked to hear we are sending aid to the Palestinians at all. I mean they should certainly get aid but I thought the U.S. was all with Israel with treating the Palestinians as subhumans.


Ultimately this action will just further isolate the U.S. from the rest of the modern world and side the U.S. further with the real monsters of Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Even subhumans need a decent cage for them. Otherwise they might escape. That was the whole idea of supporting the PA. Turn over guard duties to the inmates.


As a dyed-in-the-wool Progressive, I reluctantly have to disagree with the uniformly anti-Israel stance of Common Dreams. I’m a non-Jewish writer who has often visited Israel over the years, and am aware as many pro-Palestinians are not, that the narrow waist of Israel is simply indefensible. It’s no accident that the many wars started by Muslims against Israel stopped as soon as Israel took the West Bank for a buffer zone. As for the famous two-state solution: a Palestinian state already exists; it’s called Jordan, and was formed at the same time as Israel. No reason for another one, when Israel is already far smaller than all the Muslim states in the area. The Muslims attacked Israel once too many times and lost the West Bank in the process. No amount of propaganda can change that fact. The logical answer is to divide the West Bank in such a way as to provide security for Israel and use U.S. aid to help the rest of the West Bank to economic and social health, making it a part of Jordan. Passionate emotionalism and anti-Israel rhetoric are not the way to help the Palestinians, and Common Dreams would do well to take a more balanced stance, helping to build a solution, not just creating more futile rage.


I find most interesting the concern expressed by Zionists and their supporters about the alleged bias of Progressives regarding the Palestine/Israel issue.

What has happened is that Progressives now see through the myths that make up the Zionist narrative, and its exclusive focus upon the good intentions in providing Jews a safe haven from persecution, without any mention of the indigenous population displaced in order to create it.

This intentional amnesia (about the displacement that is the very crux of the conflict) is a subconscious reaffirmation of the Zionist myth about “a people without a land, a land without a people.”

What Progressives now realize is that past persecution does not provide a blank check to take and/or forcibly “partition” other people’s land, and that obscuring such displacement with myths that deliberately misrepresent their legitimate grievances is not conducive to finding a just and lasting peace.


If you’re Hasbara and you know it, clap your hands…

Seriously, what “dyed-in-the-wool Progressive” refers to the “Muslims” that attacked Israel? This is the rhetoric of neoconservatives and Christian Zionists.