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What Happens Next? People's Summit to Fortify Sanders' Political Revolution



Why no mention of US war-mongering and imperialism? How can all of these domestic topics be mentioned while the elephant in the room -- the vast empire of military domination that sucks resources from the average citizen in order to advance the global agenda of the 1% -- is completely ignored? I'm sick of so-called progressives refusing to make a strong connection between US military violence abroad and every other form of violence at home.


What happens next? What should happen are demonstrations and protests against this rigged nomination and the stealing away of our democracy by the status quo elites. This conference is a great idea but it should also focus on helping Bernie win the nomination he deserves and would have had if the game had been played fairly.

Even this conference seems willing to accept that the powers that be can get away with so blatant a trashing of democracy and the disenfranchisement of voters as well the other dirty tricks. C'mon people fight back! Americans are with us in support of our democracy. Give Bernie his just due and support him when he needs us to overcome this crooked deal.

The truth will be that if Bernie is sidelined that people will be demoralized even if dedicated activists aren't. People need Bernie to win and lead them against oligarchy. Sure there may be a movement afterwards but if it isn't led by President Bernie it will represent an after the fact defeat for democracy. Be scared people that we excuse the loss of true democracy but still expect that things will go on as usual.

This election is not usual and great historical forces have come to a crossroads. If Bernie loses it will make a huge difference and conferences like this will not replace him.


You took a wrong turn somewhere.


America already had free college for everyone for decades. All the Ivy League schools and plenty of others were private where you paid tuition but city colleges and two year colleges and state universities were free. Americans who wanted to have a college degree could do so regardless of income. Many a poor person with no money but great intellect went to city colleges or state universities and did well earning thereby a scholarship to an Ivy League school for graduate work and PHDs. What is wrong with an educated population? Less crime and better incomes is the end result. Breaking the cycle of poverty only happens with education for most people.

BTW > Poor people were not known for abusing free colleges >>> by getting too much education ...lol.


Yeah exactly right, no more goddamn conferences, which only gives a false sense of accomplishment while the world is burning! Enough with the talky talk, if that's all I want i will just listen to Chompsky drone on.
Bernie has lit a fire not seen since the battle in Seattle when the whole world was coming together; after which they scared every one with this 9-11 bullshit. If we don't move now, in this ripe moment that Bernie has given us, then I fear it will be too late as Hillary and her minions will consolidate power for the oligarchy once and for all!
Trump is only scary because the past four administrations paved the way by expanding executive power through precedent. Now Trump and Clinton for that matter can torture, execute endless war, and clamp down on domestic dissent, even kill Americans without due process! They must both be stopped! Basta!!!


I agree with you with only the proviso that they must be stopped non violently. We need to demonstrate before the convention that if this rigged game is allowed to cheat Americans (Independent voters are in fact people too and their voting preferences should matter since there are more of them than either the Dems or the Repubs)!

I just think there is a kind of weakness where Americans no longer think of opposing injustice and such with civil action like demonstrations. It is like people are afraid to oppose the system in the streets that they actually are opposing at the conferences. Protest marches stopped a war not conferences.


Not seeing FINANCIAL INDUSTRY RE-REGULATION, INCLUDING BREAKING UP THE TOO BIG TOO FAIL BANKS at the top of the list of speakers and workshops is a big red flag when you consider that there will be no money for any of the other items on the list until the banks are broken up and re-regulated.


Hopefully, the list presented in only a partial one. Also, although I appreciate the passionate involvement of many of those involved with organizing and participating in the event, I'm conflicted by the thought that these same people are part of a mini-Progressive Establishment. While I recognize the need for leaders, a truly People's Summit would draw representatives straight from the people with an agenda driven by the people, and the people present return to their communities ready to work for and with the people who live there. I'm hoping this event fulfills some of these objectives.


I know that the City University of New York and the California state schools had no tuition but I never heard of other state schools being free. Which ones were free and when was that?


Top luminaries talking at the people. No thanks. I quit going to those in the eighties.


This is great news. Bernie's campaign has awakened millions to stand up and fight for what is right. Hopefully this Summit will be some first steps to furthering his bold revolution. I have long felt that the activist groups should come together and support each others work as well as their own. It gives progressives a large and unstoppable voting bloc. The revolution will go on long after the election, when the work begins to demand change from the powers that be.


I'll be going, anyone else? And to all the cynical commenters here, thanks for nothing. If you want something addressed, I will do what I can, and would be happy to help you at the conference. And while conferences are not the magic bullet, they do help organize and mobilize, so they are actually valuable.


Cuba can afford free education for every person at any stage in life. The US has leaking roofs over school libraries.

Immigration will turn way down as soon as the US quits destabilizing governments and wantonly attacking places with shock and awe.

Zero population growth has a more than century old solution. Maximum commitment to education leads to a gentle decline in population.


Yep, I even sign in to add that, Thanks. I be voting Green.


Right war making and corporate adventurism is the key to releasing the sorely needed funds to launch meaningful progressive economic/educational activities. I think an anti war movement will be most effective.


As long as the the US military and pentagon budgets are approved there will bee no progress on any other matter of importance.


Bernie.... Put all this energy into starting a national progressive party. It should be clear to Bernie that the people behind all this energy will not stick with the Democratic party.
I had not been a member of the Democrat party for at least 40 years. I changed my Oregon registration to Democrat just to vote for Sanders. I have already changed back to the Oregon Progressive Party.
The stranglehold of the Republican-Democrat parties must be broken.


Right but well educated public will likely know and ask for their rights to the piece of the pie. On the other hand look at what dumbing down of America especially since the 1950's has done for the wealthy few.


But if we offer free college to everyone (and health care), what will the military use to recruit poor people?