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What Happens When Asylum Seekers Are Too Poor to Make Bail



This smells like the lobbyists for the prison and detention centers have seriously weighed in. Just as their lobbying muscle did MUCH to institute the war on drugs (so that a high prison population would mean steady profits for "their product"); detention is also big business to the same nefarious interests.

I'll bet the individuals who profit from incarcerating human beings on bogus charges go to church and talk a lot about family values. But they have no issue with breaking up poor, Black, and Latino families on a daily basis, nor any understanding of the scar tissue that creates.


So true. If you haven't already read it, this report will knock your socks off: The Influence of the Private Prison Industry in the Immigration Detention Business.


It seems virtually every injustice in this world has at its roots someone trying to make a buck off it.