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'What Happens When You Put Someone in Charge of Agency They Think Shouldn't Exist,' Says Warren After Mulvaney Guts CFPB Panel


'What Happens When You Put Someone in Charge of Agency They Think Shouldn't Exist,' Says Warren After Mulvaney Guts CFPB Panel

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Mick Mulvaney, acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), disbanded the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) on Wednesday in what critics are calling just his latest in a series of moves to "quietly sabotage" the agency.


This is what Republicans do - claim the Government doesn’t work, get elected based on that claim, then do everything they can to prove it.


I suppose for those not paying attention, this is a revelation.
For the rest of us, hello…this is what Don told us (via Bannon) he would do, across the board.
And he is doing it, whether it’s this sh*theel or the next one.


Right, and the rubes fall for it, over and over again.


If fascism is otherwise known as government as corporatism, Mulvaney has been groomed and lauded throughout his life to do precisely what he is doing and how he is doing it. He is the ‘bad cop’ administrator in a ‘bad cop’ administration being danced on marionette strings in the duopoly performance. We have passed any conceivable notion of asking if the public counts for anything. I would submit that in the depths of the exponentially lengthening bills being passed, it is no more than empire sweeping the last of pawns from the chessboard.


Yuppers…The Hegelian Dialectic of the Master and the Slave


Part for the course and the coarse.


You didn’t have that line of thinking when you voted for Ben Carson did ya Warren.


Mulvaney took an oath of office. Failure to execute the law of the land demands Congress remove him. Where is Warren on that? Not only did he not execute the law of the land he defied the law, which I’d argue is a crime. Where is Warren on that? Where are the these creatures of Congress on upholding this “Nation of Laws”? Again, it is their swore duty. Warren gets a vote of no confidence from me. Should she and the others that don’t do their sworn duty be re-elected? NOT!


Or fail to endorse Sanders.


One of Trump’s primary goals since being elected is to get the economy booming. Doesn’t matter what effect his decisions and appointments have on citizens, the environment or human decency. Most are short-term boosts that are harmful in the long run, like; the tax cuts, gutting regulations (especially in the environmental and financial sectors), drilling and fracking wherever possible - including declassifying wilderness such as Bears’ Ears and the North Slope, and, of course, keeping the war machine humming to pillage the planet and discourage rivals.

Trump might be an incurious, arrogant, cutthroat real estate billionaire, but even he knows if people perceive their economic station as promising, they won’t care what else he does. The old adage of voting your pocketbook still applies. But short-term thinking leads to long-term decay, both fiscally and morally.


Mick Mulvaney gives the Catholic Irish a bad name.


Trump is not upholding Obamacare aka the ACA, either. This is easily the most corrupt government in my memory.


At least since Reagan, the official policy of the Rethugs has been to cut taxes (for the rich) and dismantle government (for everybody). When the Clintons and the DLC took over the Dems for big business in the 1980s, this pretty much became Dem policy as well.

Since Warren is a former Rethug, millionaire and neoliberal who failed to endorse Sanders at at critical moment in the primaries, her faux surprise is just a bit disingenuous. She’s basically a two-faced lying Duopoly functionary and opportunist.

But hey, the job pays well and she may even have the Donald’s a bit up the road. You go girl!

Liz 2020! A liar you can believe in!!!


I can’t believe I am reading posts here about Liz being a liar in a Duopoly while a Trumpenstein monster is still in the White House lying his butt off every last single day…


That was a big let down when she endorsed Hillary. The DNC should have endorsed Sanders. Trust no one.


I think maybe you ought to think a little more pragmatic. Elisabeth Warren has consistently been one of the FEW voices for reason, for the citizens, against corruption and injustice. You want to throw her out? Sheesh. Lets start rather with the know-nothings in congress, the morons, the mean and hypocritical. The ones doing the REAL damage.


Yup. It ought to be pretty easy to point out. I mean, it also might be a big boon to “the economy” (one should also ask "Who’s economy? Rich folks, investors have a different one than most) if we got rid of child labor laws, minimum wage, ability to sue and be held accountable, unions…oh wait. You’d think those things would give pause, but it is just the Trump/Rethugs policy actually. Later on down the road maybe they’d like to start slavery up again, pick a different group maybe, but you know how much they loved that. Also…oh hell, forget it. This country is going down the tubes. Their MAGA BS, conveniently forgets if their model is the 50’s and 60’s (before hippies of course) where folks had roofs over their heads, steady jobs, etc. then they ought to also remember CORPORATIONS were taxed at a much higher (and more reasonable) rate.


Hello Glacierworm, The long term decay adds to the destruction of our planet as well as the fiscal and moral.


Hello 1EdBenti, Prick Mulvaney gives all of humanity a bad name just breathing! Scum like that need to get what everyone knows what’s should happen to them but the times, the times makes that extremely unlikely! It is only one of the seemingly exponentially multiplying excrement that currently infests the planet!