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What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been


What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been

Brett Wilkins

The surreal spectacle of thousands of little children — including toddlers and even infants — torn from their parents’ arms and jailed like animals in cages by US immigration authorities has rightfully shocked the world’s conscience. It has left many Americans asking, “what have we become?”

It’s not what we’ve become but rather what we’ve always been. We are a nation that has, since its earliest days, stolen children from their parents. When a country is built upon a foundation of genocide and slavery, such crimes are inevitable.


The only thing exceptional about America is our exceptional number of greedy assholes.


Very appropriate article. We haven’t seen Rachel Maddow cry for the orphans of wars abroad - which budgets always have “bi-partisan” support - or for the children of the millions incarcerated for poverty related offenses.


The US overthrew the democratically elected government of Guatemala in the 50’s causing chaos for decades----and this is because the United Fruit company claims ownership of half the country. Isn’t this part of the story of why these people are coming here today?

We have this impression that Eisenhower was a decent president—yet he allowed the overthrow of democratically elected governments of Iran and Guatemala. Think of the repercussions of stopping this democratic flow happening in these regions. Has the CIA been the greatest failure ever for democratic governments.


I agree with that. The US wasn’t the first capitalist state, but it was the first state to start off capitalist from its inception. The American ruling capitalist class has been the most corrupt, vicious and violent in world history. This remains true today. The two most dangerous threats to human civilized existence can be laid at the feet of US ruling elites: nuclear holocaust and environmental catastrophe.


The CIA should be understood as the preeminent counter-democratic organization on the planet serving a government that claims to be democratic but in reality serves not its “people” but the tyranny of corporate elites.


Don’t forget USAID…