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What Have We Done: Executive Power, Drones, and Trump?

What Have We Done: Executive Power, Drones, and Trump?

Jesselyn Radack

The news is rife with President Trump’s threatened and actual military misadventures: in Syria, Yemen, and North Korea. But these military actions take on a new gravity considering the vast and secret powers Trump inherited.

Lest we forget, a Pandora’s Box that is only just being opened. What have we done she asked but what have we yet to do with another three years and more of Trump’s term to go is the question.

And people in the South including women going “Yay!”

Supine congress & glorification of a “powerful leader”.


Who is this ‘we’, pray tell?
As much as SR was a pain in the behind, I miss her calling out the egregious use of ‘we’.


Every so-called ‘liberal’ or progressive of whatever who voted for Obama in 2012 gave an endorsement to drone assassinations, to the expansion of the War on Terror, and to the expansion of Bush’s mass surveillance state.

You might have thought you were voting against Romney, you might have thought you were voting in favor of Obamacare, but you were wrong.

The system doesn’t differentiate. If you vote for a candidate, knowing full well that he killed a 16 year old US citizen and couldn’t be bothered to even offer an apology, then you get some of the blame.

Trump is the logical, inescapable outcome of excessive compromise, of ‘working for change within the system,’ of ‘lesser evilism.’

Trump is Clinton & Obama’s Love Child.


Should be what have we become?

Is nature culling the human species who have reached 7 billion, soon to double, by war or should we ignore the touchy subject?

Rather : “What has been done to US?”

What has America become? That is the question! Because America has been… and is, a, fascist, military, dictatorship where WE, THE AVERAGE AMERICAN CITIZEN, have absolutely no participation in political, military decisions in the American world wide hegemony and hubris of the American totalitarian, empire.

When Trump said: " I have authorized my military"; that was a statement only a fascist, banana republic, dictator could make!


Accurate perception.