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What Have We Learned From the Rwandan Genocide?

What Have We Learned From the Rwandan Genocide?

C. Cora True-Frost

This first week of April marks the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, a three-month long massacre during which Hutu militants killed an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus after the Hutu president was killed.

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What have we learned from the settler-colonialist USA, founded in mass murder, enslavement, and grand theft continental? Some people learn. Many do not.

Looking at the whole world today, “we” have learned very little from the mass murders of WWII. Fascism is rising, on an apparently accelerating curve that has been gradually ramping up for forty years, now more obviously accelerating.

How to intervene now in human history? How to organize effective counter-force to rising fascism? How to overcome human hubris, ego, and the demonization of “other” humans?