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What He Hath Wrought

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/07/20/what-he-hath-wrought

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Remember…Only YOU can prevent Charlottville’s…

I have thoughts I cannot express, I have called on others, pleaded with others who have a voice and an audience…and I get crickets…our national “leaders” must step up to the plate, it’s hard ball time or the unimaginable happens…hate is fear, only love remains…


The squad has restarted the tradition of ‘stepping up to the plate’ in response to the public demand to 'knock the cover off the ball.

Just like in the movie, once its done everyone looks at whats inside and asks"What is that??"

Yuppers … play ball!


Judgment at Nuremberg should be shown everywhere today.


Their team seems to be a bit short handed, where is their recruiter? At the hot dog stand? Sorry bad jokes :((( O I guess batter #1, AOC, is to have a meet w/the head-office, maybe they’ll iron things out???

I remember watching them as a kid and being horrified, they are deeply disturbing and yes, should be seen again and again.


the last photo clip, with the quote from “1984”, portrays the trump/monster PERFECTLY! Again, thanks Abby, you have nailed it totally again!


By “today” I mean in these times, everyday.

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Hey Toni…have you watched the Russell Means video’s? They make me wish he hadn’t died before we could have cloned him.

I dunno, Gilbert. Is there any link you can give me to start off with? Thx.

This article is catnip for Duopolites. Message to cogent and civilized people:

Both parties are involved in this mud wrestling event. The real struggle is about economics and control. You are being manipulated by ginned up identity politics so that you take your eye off the economic ball. That’s how the long-con succeeds–distraction. The real battle is the elite neoliberal mobsters against the identity-distracted greater population. Guess who’s winning?

The Left Case against Open Borders

by Angela Nagle

“Meanwhile, members of the open-borders Left may try to convince themselves that they are adopting a radical position. But in practice they are just replacing the pursuit of economic equality with the politics of big business, masquerading as a virtuous identitarianism. America, still one of the richest countries in the world, should be able to provide not just full employment but a living wage for all of its people, including in jobs which open borders advocates claim “Americans won’t do.” Employers who exploit migrants for cheap labor illegally—at great risk to the migrants themselves—should be blamed, not the migrants who are simply doing what people have always done when facing economic adversity. By providing inadvertent cover for the ruling elite’s business interests, the Left risks a significant existential crisis, as more and more ordinary people defect to far-right parties. At this moment of crisis, the stakes are too high to keep getting it wrong.”


Ahhhh…now I remember! Thank you. Will open the link later on.

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