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What I Lost (and Can Never Get Back) When My Father Was in Guantanamo North

What I Lost (and Can Never Get Back) When My Father Was in Guantanamo North

Sara Jayyousi

At nine years old, in March 2005, my life is gutted when the U.S. government arrests my father for a crime he did not commit. My father, Kifah Jayyousi was a professor at Wayne State University and a chief facilities director for schools in both Washington, DC and Detroit, MI. He is a US Navy veteran. He is also a Muslim American in a world where that is often the most influential factor in determining someone’s guilt.

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Only the soulless can conceive its destruction in others


I am so sorry for you and your family’s suffering. Fascism does not creep slowly in, it blindside’s us all.

It’s just a notch on the belt for these investigators and prosecutors. Not different than in war. Look how many I got!

I am ashamed of our country. Where is our humanity? Your father suffered, you suffered, your grandparents suffered. And the people who guarded him in prison either became mosters who enjoyed seeing people suffer or who suffered on his behalf, too. Asking people to behave like monsters must have an effect on their families, too. The disgusting and unnecessary treatment of prisoners has a ripple effect of the evil disregard of those who have dreamed up, authorized, and encouraged this punishment system.
Sara, your only consolation is that you are not them. Take some comfort from that.

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Nothing but politics and incompetence.
No different from the Japanese internment during WWII.

I am ashamed and embarrassed as well. I never would have imagined that so many Americans, so better off than the rest of the world, would sacrifice their ethics and morality for more money they don’t really need. The enemy is much larger than we imagined so let it be a warning that complacency will lead to our downfall. A republic requires constant vigilance and action to keep the cockroaches under the toilet where the belong or eventually we may have to end up stomping on them.