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What I’m Thankful For


What I’m Thankful For

Peter Dreier

Happy Thanksgiving to all (except the Walmart board of directors)



For many years now, I have penciled in “BND” on my calendar for the Friday after Thanksgiving. It is my puny protest against the “Black Friday” insanity. It stands for “Buy Nothing Day”.


A Black Friday tradition: BND day protest.
It gets ugly. It gets lovely here and there.
People buying stuff buy less, success.
To give more, spend less.
Less is more. Faster is slower. Slower is faster.
To speed slowly an earthly pace, go less faster?
What is given in the speed and competition?
Enjoy the shopping mall stroll BND day buying nothing.


This goes out to one Hillary Clinton, who was the CEO of Walmart for several years!
I am so happy that you lost your over anticipated coronation as our first female President! …So sad…


CNBC reported that more people are returning to farming since the 1920’s. SUPPORT THE COMMONS! Can we stop the mad dash to buy more crap and think about what we want out of life.