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What I Told My Students About Wednesday’s Attempted Trump Coup

The online class was just 1 day out of the weeks’-worth of classes so we did still have in-person, classroom instruction and since these were college classes one would hope the students would stay on-track since they (or their parents) had paid good money for them to learn what the instructor was teaching. The thing for me was it was exciting to do something ‘new’ (we’re talking late '90s when the only way to get online was by calling the number that hooked your computer up to the internet) – it was basically like what texting is now – you wrote your 2-cents-worth and responded when someone responded to you.

*Speaking of ‘fire suppression’ – 11 years ago on the 28th of this month the furnace tech burned our house down [really!] he could sure have used your class!

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Yeah, I understand we’re talking apples and oranges between what your describing and what the author described in the story.
Sorry to here about your house, hope no one was hurt and he had insurance.

Well I guess that’s one way to ensure the “forever wars” never end. Good grief.

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Apples & oranges – both fruit but with very different flavors and textures; still, how do we grow (as humans and species) if we don’t expand our ways of thinking? My comment wasn’t meant to diminish what you and @Bottle were discussing but to simply give my perspective, because isn’t that how we expand our knowledge?

The tech was the nephew of the owner of the company and yeah, he had insurance. I tell people that if they want a new house they should have ‘Aksarben’ service their furnace.

And to put all of this in real life terms – haven’t we all been feeling some PTSD over the last week, but way too often over the 4 years of trump? What I got from the article was that he was trying to help his students deal with their PTSD and maybe in helping them he was also helping himself, while writing this article allows everyone who reads it to begin to understand their own sense of PTSD.


I guess my post wasn’t clear, the apples and oranges was about the differences in instructing elementary/middle school students compared to college level. I didn’t take your comments as diminishing, sorry if it felt that way.

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