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What I Told the Attorney General and the HUD Secretary About My Criminal Record



The deal is supposed to be 1) innocent until proven guilty (an arrest should not follow one) and 2) once one has served the sentence/probation one should have full rights restored (yes, this includes voting you pig-faced Republicans). A great deal more genuine reform would occur if those convicted could envision what could lie ahead should they commit to changing their ways. As it stands, their dreams are stripped from the get go. That, is criminal.


Maybe it's a good thing to still become amazed.

I am amazed at 2 things:

First: For a so-called Christian-dominant nation, and Christ's main teaching being that of Forgiveness ("Go and sin no more"), that policies are so damned punitive. For the poor and working class, that is.

Second: That Enron, the big banks, the frackers, Monsanto, the Oil drillers and so many other PROFOUND OFFENDERS get so little punishment and often just pay fines that they regard AS the "cost of dong business." They go on with their ways and means to effect HARM, and very little changes when it comes to protecting human health, safety, and the environment.

Alas, to start the day being amazed.

And while I'm on the subject...

Also amazed:

  1. How the President lies about the true casualties of his diabolical drone war operations
  2. That boatload after boatload of refugees wash up on alien shorelines with so many never making it to their hopeful promised lands
  3. That immense sums are still preserved for warfare as wars and misery spread, and so little is reserved for the things that matter... and would improve lives
  4. That leaders are still pushing to pass treaties that will anesthetize laws that protect citizens and nature (TPP and TIPP)

Some days I wonder if I am a character inside a Sci-fi dystopian movie. And then I can't wait to wake up!


Great post, SR,

We ARE living in a sci-fi dystopian novel. I was going to write one, until I realized that 1984 is boring to this generation since they are already being stared at, recorded and jailed and tortured and shot by Big Brother 24/7.

It just wouldn't sell.

I passed what are called schools in America a few years ago, and I swear they looked like prisons, complete with squad cars hauling people off. The Airline industry is the same way in the states. One false utterance, and it's a TSA stripdown! As a passenger you're not a customer who should be smiled at; you're an inmate in lockdown until you clear the parking lot. No one smiles for miles. Scary. In Asia it's still the 1950's. Security people smile and hold open doors for you and try to help you with your bag. I still can't get over the stark difference.

Glad I went to school and flew when it was Happy-Go-Lucky. I really loved school. I mean I cherished it. The wonderful teachers who were forgiving and helpful mentors, especially the strict ones, who shaped who I am today and influenced how I raise my family now. None of them would have called the cops on student growing pains! The only time the cops showed up was when some chemistry student blew up the latrine or something.

And since no one was hurt, we all thought that was a little harsh. We all did crazy things when we were young. Ah, the good old days!

When we were free in America... and crooks in Watergate got raked over the coals.


I am going to write a sci-fi based on a bio-weapons lab being compromised say, due to all that flooding in Texas. How about when New Orleans was under water from Katrina? There ARE lots of bio-weapons labs in those areas and who knows what got loose.

Ever hear of flesh-eating bacteria before?

A few cases were reported in Florida.

Zika never caused microcephaly, either. But now, there are hundreds if not thousands of cases of brain-deformed babies, maimed for life!

Do you know what happened with the muscle of Big Pharma coming down to block the premier of whistleblower film on the true dangers of vaccines? (The film is entitled, "Vaxxed.")

In mythology, the god Cronus (also known as Saturn which may well form the root for the word Satan) EATS his children rather than risk their growing up to dethrone him.

The elites act like Saturn. Nixon, who was a Saturn-ruled Capricorn gave the order to shoot at the students at Ohio State.

These days...

The kids in Flint have been knowingly poisoned with lead.

Where autism had been a rarity, now 1 in 60 kids has it; and holistic nutrition-learned medical practitioners say that 1 in 3 kids has some kind of lasting neurological impairment.

Kids risk rape and gang violence IN Honduras and other Central American nations and are treated with contempt when they make it to the U.S border.

Kids are dying in the drone wars, the actual wars, the refugee boats, and from land mines and DU left behind in prior war zones.

Kids are being deformed by a lot more than Zika in Brazil.

It's as if the old dark god and his followers are purposely taking aim at KIDS these days.

It IS mythological in scope and so dark... that like I said, I'm waiting "To beam Me Up, Scotty."

Thanks for responding. You're one of the few who "gets" me/how my mind works.

(P.S. I finally got a fancy script writing program and just finished a Seinfeld episode I wrote 15 years ago. A rewrite. I was dating the attorney during that era and he thought it was hilarious.)