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What I Won't Miss as I Leave the US Army

MAJ Danny Sjursen;

The book below also speaks on the theme of corrupted institutions:

The above is written by a disillusioned officer after the Viet Nam War.


No real offense to the author, but it’s people like him who are unfit for the military and should never have joined in the first place. you were simply not cut out for it from the beginning.
I’m just a Specialist looking for an excuse to sham, but even I know better than to buy into the “hoooah” mentality that most of us grew out of immediately after AIT.
No one truly believes in freedom or that shit after a deployment. We are in the Army for the fun of it, because we have no where else to go, or simply to pay off schooling.
I have no clue how you hit the rank of Major before you stopped believing that the US military exists to “free” other countries. What more, you STILL think the military is a space for women, gays, and trannies to have fun. simply no. while they are still welcome to join the military, it will ALWAYS remain a straight male dominant field for obvious biological reasons.
You have lived your entire life In the officer bubble and never once actually saw the army for it’s true nature (through enlisted eyes)


I don’t know why this came up in my feed in the first place. I loved the Army. I love it in spite of coming out with health issues i will have to deal with for the rest of my life. I was only 11 in 2001. I knew then I would join the Army. When i was deployed I was attached to a SF team. We worked so hard to bring medicine and care to the women. We also trained the ANA soldiers modern tactics and how to drive, so they could defend themselves. In what ways is this a bad thing? Also a major, I will never understand how you made it passed 2nd LT. All the whining in this article is ridiculous. Why stay in for so long if you hated it. I don’t call you a progressive. I call you weak.


Rod, I totally empathize with your opinion of this piece. Some people are not cut out for the military as a career. With every career in every industry, there is the red tape and unpleasant minutiae that a person must traverse.

I have always been a die hard supporter of our military personnel. My grandfather died fighting in WWII and two of my siblings served in the Army and both are dead.

I currently work as a contractor on a military base and I see the sacrifices military men, women and their families make and it humbles me. Over the years I have come to understand this one profound truth that the military uniform does not make the man, but that the man makes the uniform.

The salt of the earth are the men and women who have given their body, heart and soul in service to their country. Some might say I romanticize the military, but I have lost too many to the military to be accused of being Pollyanna.

People do not make the military a career to become rich. The life of the military is, in my humble opinion, a life born out of a desire to be a part of a bigger family whose purpose is to solidify and protect those who are unable to defend themselves. It isn’t a perfect institution, but nothing is ever perfect.

It takes a person who has a clear and strong sense of his/her self to serve in the military and not let it fracture his/her inner world. I’ve seen military amputees who are stronger and more resilient than I ever will be. They are my heroes and heroines. They makes this world an even more beautiful place to live.

Wishing all of our military personnel a very Merry Christmas and an incandescently Happy New Year!


Gummiebear2155, thank you for what you wrote. Your words were full of heart and I deeply appreciate the fact that you enjoyed your military service.

I’m not exactly sure why, but I needed to let you know that I appreciate you sharing your positive experience.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas.

With Warmest Regards,
~ Rain

We can thank the likes of warmonger Billy Graham for the transformation. He was at the side of the Commander In Chief from at least Johnson all the way through to Obama. He never saw a day that wasn’t a good day for a war to wipe out the sinner commies for the furtherance of radical rightwing white Christianity.

He, of course, was not alone and is not the sole reason for the radical Christianization of the military. It is much more complex than one man’s story but Billy was a major player.

I am sorry your experience was so poor.

  • I served to change the things I thought were wrong and I fought the fight for 30 years. I don’t miss the virtue signalers that hide in the ranks. I don’t miss the Peters that wouldn’t leave. I miss the chance to work with Soldiers.

  • While I did see a small population of the problem areas you point out. I am not ready to throw out the baby with the bath water. There is more good in the Army than bad.

  • People “you” complain about things that you could change. Yep, maybe only for a few to start, but if you are good you get to protect and serve many.

  • The Army does not start wars in present times. Civilains do. Vote for them that do what you want.

  • You are great at bringing out cliche issues within the Army, which ones did you work to solve or shield your subordinates from.

I loved the Army and those that served with me. I can’t count those that paid with everything; you are poo-pooing every one of their lives. You, intentionally or not, mock the efforts of so many. Though this may seem like my own cliche; so be it. If you can’t see the beauty in service… the specialist poster from earlier was right.


Very nice comment.

'Nam 1968 out on a stretcher but we were winning then. Winning until the White House thought the war could be run from the basement and ROE’S were changed.

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OMG you sound like a whiny, liberal shutbag that didn’t make LTC so you were forced out. To fucking bad. Suck it up and don’t blame the Org that paid your goddamned bill’s for 18 years and will still continue to do so for the rest of your life. Btw just so you are aware as long as you take a “retirement check” you are still in the Army. Don’t believe me? Google it. You could always volunteer not to recieve your monthly reduced compensation for reduced services. At least then you wouldn’t still be part of the war machine that you like rail against. I’m just glad we didn’t have people like you in my community. Good fucking riddance.

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@Daniel_G_Hanke probably a S shop warrior, not to disparage the good support kids but unfortunately We all know this type. Lol

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Danny seems disaffected for sure but he is also confused. You don’t have to be a progressive in order to be a pacifist. In fact, I consider myself to be rather conservative but I too am a pacifist at heart. I wish him well but glad he is out. An attitude like his is poisonous in a combat setting and can get people killed. For every failure in leadership Danny rightly identified I have witnessed many more examples of enlightened, thoughtful and culturally aware leaders who recognized the problems in being an occupational force and made every effort to mitigate that impact while also caring for their troops. Gen Cavasos once told me he joins the military out of curiosity but stayed to fix everything he found to be wrong. If Major Sjursen had used that approach maybe he would not be so bitter.
The one thing the, “Thank you for your service.” civilians might do to really show their appreciation is to demand that we NEVER send forces into harm’s way unless the nation as a whole also is willing to sacrifice in some way. A gas tax to pay for it, the draft, some sort of rationing … something irritating enough to make politicians think hard before committing troops and motivation enough to keep deployments focused and relatively brief.

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Hey Peter as in ----. Major in 19 years Wow!!! Our Army did the right thing “RETIRED” WP less than 20 years with. COL adjusted anuity great work. Army is better without your vomit. You will be most successful on AOC’s staff working on space exploration to the Sun but only at night 'cuz it’s cooler. Please send a check to the US Treasury for your fraudulent education to Elizabeth Warren.
ROTC retired disabled. You SUCK


I’ve served over 20 + years in Army retired Now Take the Good With the Bad . Its A good thing You Retired Sounds like a lot of Whining Going on. Who listens to Majors anyway . Your Talk kinda makes me Sick. I definitely think that I’ve changed some lives for the Better .

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