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What, if Anything, Can America Learn from Norway?


What, if Anything, Can America Learn from Norway?

Karin Kamp

Who would have thought that Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, would give Hillary Clinton such a run for her money in Iowa.


The problem with too many in the USA that fear the model that is Norway is best illustrated by the person saying no thanks to taxes that are through the roof.

She claims to be a friend of a coca-cola EXECUTIVE born and raised there who left for The USA.

Well the USA is friendlier to the one percent. The other 99 percent are better off in Norway. In essence the woman is saying no thanks to democracy and yes to elitism.

I remember some times back either on these boards or some other where an ex Canadian was boasting of having moved to the USA for higher pay and lower taxes. He claimed the US had greater freedoms and because he was at the top of income earners he could save a lot more money. When I pointed out a superior system of health care and old age security for when one no longer made all those high wages that our taxes paid for in Canada, he indicated that on retiring he planned to move back to Canada.


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To decide if we could adopt Scandinavian social democracy, we would need to rid ourselves of the American Exceptionalist argument. There is nothing scientific about wishful thinking.

The “we are a republic, not a democracy” argument means “we are a dictatorship, not a democracy”. Who wants that?

The rich pay higher taxes and STAY in Norway because they like the high quality of life it gives them.

Its inspiring to see a country that takes good care of all its people, not just the super-rich at people’s expense.


I remember reading an article in “The Houston Chronicle” about a lady from Denmark. She went to a coffee shop in Manhattan and left her baby in the carriage outside of the coffee shop. The police came and arrested her and charged her for many kinds of child endangerment. The prosecution looked at the case and found that this is the custom in Denmark and dropped the charges against her. What I really got from the article was how great it must be to live in a country where you may leave a child on the sidewalk without any worry of harm coming to that child.


Unfortunately, I can only like your remarks once. But they deserve much more.

I am South African, and recently went back for a couple of weeks. With an exchange rate of 14 to one I could live there in considerable comfort, complete with lots of sunshine. But do I want to live behind high walls with electrically controlled gates, bars on the windows, security systems on 24 hours a day? NO. Absolutely not. I prefer to live at a slightly lower level of affluence in my small town in upstate New York where I do not even have a key to the house.

Unless we re-learn how to trust one another, even this little paradise will be lost to fear and suspicion. And then I might well move to Scandanavia.


“After Living in Norway, America Seems Backward,”

The USA only SEEMS backward? The USA is a 3rd World country when compared with Scandinavia. Been there, done both of them.


Most places in this country I wouldn’t feel safe tying a dog outside a coffee shop (which in a lot of restaurants in Europe are welcome inside) and be confident it would be there 10 minutes later. We have a truly effed up society.


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