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What if Ida B. Wells Depended on Facebook?


What if Ida B. Wells Depended on Facebook?

Laura Flanders

If Ida B. Wells had depended on Facebook, would we ever have had a National Lynching Memorial?

Two stories collided in my head this week. One of which was the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama—this country’s first major effort to confront the vast scope of the racial-terror lynchings that ravaged the Black community under a pervasive, prevailing culture of white supremacy. It is the first because, until now, that same majority culture of white supremacy hasn’t wanted to look.


I believe Facebook is suppressing freedom of speech and has a political agenda. I agree that we (the people) need a public forum that won’t do that (censor) and doesn’t have that (agenda). Thanks for the article. Shared to Facebook. :slight_smile:


In the past hour reading the internet I’ve had 4 pop up notices to create a profile on facebook. Get outta here!


I had a Facebook account, which I deleted,I thought.
I do dog rescue and the people who were adopting dogs I fostered were exclusively using FB to update how they were doing with pictures and stories. I decided after about 4 yrs of being off FB, to open an account so I could see how the dogs I had cared for were doing.
I logged in to open an account. My entire prior account with all the prior information was still there as if I had never left.
My blood ran cold. FB is insidious.


Great article. This is an awesome quote.


People apparently want to be victims. Sheep to the slaughter…


Some of us say we need our own social medium. Publicly funded will be government run. If we want it, we need to organize it and pay for it. So far, most are addicted to the convenience and free use and the acceptance by the public: we don’t want it enough. Yet.