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What If They Gave a War and Everyone Came?


What If They Gave a War and Everyone Came?

Peter Van Buren

What if the U.S. had not invaded Iraq in 2003? How would things be different in the Middle East today? Was Iraq, in the words of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, the "worst foreign policy blunder" in American history? Let's take a big-picture tour of the Middle East and try to answer those questions.


"Now, some 12 years later, the most troubling thing about the current war in the Middle East, from an American perspective, is that no one here really knows why the country is still fighting. The commonly stated reason -- “defeat ISIS” -- is hardly either convincing or self-explanatory. Defeat ISIS why?"

Too close to the fire to see, Mr. Van Buren? That the demise of the former Soviet Union as "Necessary Enemy" gave rise to a legion of new enemies. How else would the gargantuan U.S. military (industrial-media) complex have a reason to cannibalize the vast sum of U.S. treasury treasure in a time when so many lack basic jobs, enough food, and decent housing?

The same entities who lit the fires claim expertise in putting them out. This logic turns rapists into sex therapists. But it is the logic of empire under the direction of M.A.D. Mars rules.

Just listening to today's "Democracy Now" another "former CIA" spokesperson, Melvin Goodman sounds 95% like Mr. Van Buren. It's as if both operate from the same script, too. (Tune in around the 28-minute point)



I don't need to say much because Armybrat said it all. Nailed it. I would only second the motion that it's ridiculous to say that Iran is "meddling" in Syria when those two nations share a mutual defense treaty. Was the U.S. "meddling" in South Korea in 1950-'53?
Also, Van Buren uses the standard neocon tactic of insinuating that Vladimir Putin is a villain without actually pointing out his wrongdoing. Perhaps that's because it's a lot harder to argue successfully that Putin is wrong than merely to sneer and finger-point. Frankly, I think Putin deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. First he skillfully rescued Crimea and a large eastern Ukraine Russian population from the new, neo-Nazi regime bankrolled and propped up by the U.S., and second because he has saved America's backside in Syria not once but now twice. He skillfully arranged for the chemical weapons pact a couple of years ago and now is using military force to defeat the Islamic State, saving the U.S. from yet another failure in its lame attempts to do so.
Putin is no saint, but he's no worse than most other world leaders, and I wish the pundits would stop sneering long enough to spell out exactly what their objections to his policies are. Cold War-era commie-bashing just doesn't cut it anymore. .


The logic of empire is we now have an endless war on terrorism. Fill in your own acronym for future terrorists and enemies. The oligarch's and the MIC have a perfect enemy, because they now have a war on a noun!


Cut the head off of a Hydra and another grows back...


I wish I didn't find what you say to be truthful. I have been saying this for a long time. But I get called a liar for saying it.


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The author uses the word "homeland" without quotes, as if it were a valid word.

When he fixes that, I might read his next article.

I'd say that the "precipitating event" of the whole awful mess was not the invasion of Iraq, but the destruction of the World Trade Center on television for all to see. The attack on Iraq, already long-planned, rode in on the fanned flames of public fear and anger which the false flag attack on 9/11/01 created.

Pretty much it was all according to the script, a point, which the author doesn't quite seem to get, or which he won't or can't admit.

Sometimes I wonder if the countless, formerly anonymous, peons writing here and on other message boards-- whether or not they are live "in Mama's basement" , whether or not they are half-baked bozos who know little to nothing about Iran, or Turkey, or the Kurds, or the Golan, or any of the rest of it-- can sometimes see more clearly to the heart of the matter, i.e. to the 2001 stealth coup and military takeover of the United States civilian government.

And even now, few people are talking. The penalties must be severe as well as secret. We do not know who our leaders are. Certainly not the likes of the merry Morris dancers either running for or actually in office.

They all apparently take orders from minders from the pentagon. This fact - I think it is a fact- seems self-evident by now, the only explanation that makes sense to me, although not a complete explanation- far from it. but hopefully accurate as far as it goes.
But this is still a definite minority belief in the U.S., primarily because most Americans still believe the foolish and quite impossible story we were all told 14 years ago and have been told ever since.

The solution may be to inform, inform, and inform again, risking the backlash.
Otherwise, nothing will change, for a long long time.

Strength is in numbers, but the numbers are still definitely against those who are for an end to the American brutality and "grand theft, country" in the middle East.

A coup, yes. The top tier of the reins of government was hijacked so slickly that most Americans still think we have something like a representative democracy or republic. Of course, they believe in Santa as well.
But behind the Pentagon and White House walls, a different story has been in the works, and working, for years now, while the captive press just tells Americans what they want to hear, ad infinitum, with lots of emphasis on patriotic emotional kinds of feelings, and use of new terms like that odious, Nazi word "homeland", seen above in this very article; a word which no self-respecting author should use without a disclaimer, in my opinion.

Just call it "the H word" and do not use it, like other similar abbreviated terms. "Homeland", my lily-white ahem.
Why not just write "Vaterland", and be done with it?
Is it so hard to understand why that word is just wrong?


deleted- I don't know what happened here but I had 5 or 6 duplicates of this post- From the response-One is plenty....


Damn good post there armybrat! Hit many nails square on the head-


Point of order Mr van Buren. Libya, Syria and Yemen are not failed states; they are destroyed states, as is Iraq.

As for the use of the word "quagmire" .A cop-out from the euphemisms remaining after the USA's war against Vietnam ended. The USA has not blundered into a quagmire; it has created a bloody awful mess.


With reporters like this who needs the facts. By the way, Russia has set up a no fly zone over Syria and with the Russian Caspian Sea Navy the US for the first time has no Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf. Too risky now.

Great reporting for a country run by morons and reported on by clowns.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Thank you, Armybrat, that was an intelligent and much-needed response to a piece of provocation in disguise. Richard, member of GlobalMissionofPeace.com