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What If Trade Agreements Helped People, Not Corporations


What If Trade Agreements Helped People, Not Corporations

David Korten

Opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement has become so widespread that no U.S. presidential candidate currently dares to favor it. European citizens likewise oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement. This opposition presents an opportunity to propose international economic agreements that support efforts to meet the livelihood needs of all people in balanced relationship with a living Earth.


Keep these kinds of articles coming, Dr. Korten. We need solutions, which you touch on very briefly at the end. As I have written before, love to have you or others expand on them.

These so-called free trade agreements are like shell games creating unnecessary chains with the purpose of propping up capitalist economies. It is crazy the kinds of things that are traded globally when they can be produced much closer to home. In the age of climate change, much of our needs will need to be met at the local level, but there are things that could mutually benefit communities and nations through trade. Trade will need to be reduced both in volume and scale.and changed in how it is organized though.

Fair trade and other such mechanisms are beginning to take into account factors such as environmental sustainability/regeneration, equity, and justice, What are some other ways that trade helps people and not corporations?


Free trade for corporations means job slavery for everyone else…Free Trade means corporations can do anything they want to you and your economy and your water your land your air and not have to answer to local or national laws from any country and skip out on paying taxes…Is this where we really want to go…To republicans this is a religion but then republicans are not intrested in man kind or pollution or anything that harms the health and well being of the public…Republicans dont care about oil spills or plants closing and going over seas leaving communities jobless or posioned wells lakes rivers and streams They hate wetlands state parks and all public lands these are made for corporate plundering and profits…They DONT CARE…you can also toss in the Blue Dog democracts and our illustrious president Obama who is pushing this TPP down our throats and he wont explain why…other than saying trade will benefit us all…Like they always say and they are always wrong…Remember NAFTA the big lie…


Note sure if you were agreeing with and furthering my post or criticizing it. If 5he latter, note that I am talking positively about “Fair Trade” not Free Trade.


When it comes to destructive free trade deals Third Way Democrats are fully as bad as Republicans because they are effectively Republicans.


If you count all the Congressional votes on “trade deals” from Clinton’s NAFTA in 1993 to Obama’s 2015 fast track authority you will find that more Democrats have voted in favor of them than Republicans.