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What If Trump Wins on Obamacare and Taxes?


What If Trump Wins on Obamacare and Taxes?

Robert Kuttner

Trump is screwing not just the rest of America, but tens of millions of people who voted for him.

Taxes were cut under every Republican president ever since, and three times just under Bush II. No matter how much Trump and key Republican senators loathe each other, the goal of further tax cutting trumps even their distaste for Trump.


People need to understand this is the top mission of the elite—continue the theft of the common people-these tax cuts will be devastating to common people. Republican donors have threatened to stop their cash flow if they don’t get their tax cuts. The media is playing this like there is no way these tax cuts will pass—DON’T BE FOOLED----There are a lot of people behind the curtain who want this to pass. Bannon the other day threatening Senators will be primaried if they “don’t support Trumps agenda”.-Bannon won’t say it but he is talking about tax cuts for the rich.


If Trump wins on Obamacare and Taxes, then, we really burn it down.

To the Ground!

And rebuild it minus the Duopoly that precipitated it’s demise.