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What If We Made the Electoral College Moot?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/04/what-if-we-made-electoral-college-moot

There’s another way to win an election.

It’s called, offering American voters something exciting enough to get them off the couch to bother.

Hillary could have done that in WI, PA, and MI. But she was too busy at fundraisers in Hollywood to, you know, actually show up in states that she took for granted.

The great irony of the electoral college is that it was envisioned by the Federalists as a way of preventing a candidate like Trump from getting into office!–They worried that “the mob” using the popular vote might elect someone unworthy, unqualified and potentially dictatorial, a demagogue, in short, and the electoral college with its independent electors (their independence recently upheld by the SCOTUS) could scotch that candidate–The EC is so obsolete, and arguably was never a great idea in the first place!

HRC being terrible is a separate argument. Swing states get attention and over the decades they have dwindled. There was 6 core swing states in 2016. This time some say there will only be 4.