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What in Blazes Was Dianne Feinstein Thinking?': Senator Under Fire for Concealing Accusations Against Kavanaugh


…I doesn’t seem to be party as much as it seems to be the ‘money’. How many of us are not Capitalists, how many even understand what one is? Capitalists will kill us all before they realize we live in a ‘finite world’, the real resources are gone…this World too, will just pass…we’re in an extinction cycle, moving faster than ‘any other extinction cycle’ in our Earth’s ‘history’…


I’ll take “closeted Republican” –


Well said!


Thank you for reminding us of Biden’s catalyzing role in bringing us the fraud that is Clarence Thomas.


ells –

Wow – If you haven’t recognized by now that war produces nothing but violence and
more violence – it’s shocking, really.

Any revolution by citizens must only involve the use of human intelligence and non-violence.

And I would remind you that the end of Slavery came from AA’s here freeing themselves.
Rather it was Our Founders saving and supporting the system of Slavery for their fellow
Elites/wealthy which guaranteed the Civil War. And the genocide against the native people
here was carried out against them and Africans enslaved here under Papal Edicts to “enslave
or kill” them - i.e., “Christianity.”

That the end of the “Christian” oppression of homosexuals came from the strictly non-violent
actions of homosexuals, themselves, which washed away the intolerance and hatred for
them which had been taught to the world by male-supremacist religions.

Females have only conducted a non-violent revolution in response to their tens of thousands of
years of oppression by Elites/Patriarchy which is underpinned by “Christianity” and its 2,000
year war of persecution against women in Vatican Witch Hunts culminating in Burnings at the Stake. Women are the majority of the world’s populations when they are not being murdered.
Nature has put her full trust in women in regard to creation of life. No one reaches this life
without having come through the body of a female.

While JFK did all he could to act responsibly and to avoid war, he also learned of the secrecy
which existed in darkness of government and that he too would be betrayed – and he spoke
to the public on those issues, and expected to expose those secrets and those betrayals even
further. Neither was JFK was the first president betrayed by Allen Dulles and the CIA.
JFK also tried to stop the insanity of the violence against Nature by Elites - including atomic weapons.

E. Howard Hunt told his Watergate lawyer that the reason for JFK’s assassination was
the “alien presence.” Operation Mockingbird was originally and always about using “ridicule”
to defeat Congressional and citizenry inquiries into that matter. And the last challenge on that
issue it seems took out Rep. Steven Schiff/R-New Mexico.
UFO Disclosure Crusader Dr. Steven Greer Challenges Media Establishment on Its Home Turf

And if we look at all the violent Revolution that has happened on this planet, most we can see
only resulted in one more dictator taking hold.

The same was true of Our Founders who simply created an Elite-Patriarchy and NOT a democracy.

Additionally, this drive to violence is similar to the insanity of the CIA’s NRA and Trump and the
drive to spread gun violence everywhere … because it serves their need for violence.

They serve Elites who strive for Civil Wars and all war for profit and in order to create the chaos
which destroys democracy . . . currently the “refugee” problem which was caused by US/CIA wars.

The right wing can only rise on violence – there is no end to that truth.

Violence is just another vote for MORE takeover by Elites and the violent.

Especially now when we are no longer talking about muskets and cannons – we are talking about
NSA’s world wide intelligence on each and every citizen in the US and around the world.

When we are talking about Nuclear Weapons – and drones and the US MIC.


Democratic pols have far more in common with their Republican counterparts than not. Primarily, wealth.
Wealth and power are the ONLY things that matter to Republican pols; we see (repeatedly) that they are not at all interested in governance or democracy. The old saying “follow the money” applies quite well to the Democratic pols.


LOL! Lecture. Grow up. She deserves to be critiqued and has a horrible fucking record. This is just the latest in a long line of things that should have gotten her thrown out of office long ago. Shocking that she has lasted this long in a state, my state, that is overall far more progressive than she has ever been. This is small potatoes though compared to many other things she has done.


Ah, wouldn’t that mean, The Mexican [is] It and wouldn’t that mean you think Mexicans are cool and hip?


It means that one was involved in the party, one was involved in campaigns and the local party structure, maybe being a delegate to county or state conventions, maybe being a dues paying member and part of the organization.

Then one quits it. One instead transfer all that to real progressive party.

If the frustrated grass roots Demexited like this, then maybe the supposedly left wing politicians in the party, elected ones, might do the same. That’s what happened to the Whigs in the early 1850s.

If you believe in principle in how you vote you are supporting democracy. If you believe in pragmatics in how you vote you are only a cog in the machine of a phone democracy that is really an autocracy.


Someone’s still stupid enough to hang any hope on anything Feinstein’s involved with? The gullibility is almost as impressive as the corruption.


I detest Kavanaugh but if something one person said he did in high school is the best the Dems can throw at him, they may as well give up.


…which?..because I’d like to…


…or depopulate them…


The Green Party is already there. An inflood of former Dems to build it would make it viable.

Or the new Progressive Party a lot of Berners keep talking about wanting Bernie to start.

Or for those of us most radical- we all join the heir party of Eugene V. Debs, the Socialist Party USA, and make it the alternative party.

But the key point is Demexiting in massive numbers. Then most likely they’d build the Green Party of a new Progressive Party. (My dream of a real viable Socialist Party is just that, I’m afraid.)

No. If you make the ‘ex’ part of ‘Mex’ then you have no exit in the term.


…He’s perjured himself once already and twice to get his Federal Judge position, is that enough?!! There are audio and video records…


…She’s a corporatist, she wears it on her sleeve…a shill for the MIC…I’ve wanted her gone for twenty years…the greedy ol’ bat.


maybe you can lure her onto one of Musk’s rockets with a briefcase full of monopoly money and then shoot that sucker to andromeda.


The accuser did not want to come out. At that point, in July, it’s just a letter with allegations in it dealing with something 30 years prior that could have been completely fabricated. Feinstein acted with caution, and I don’t really fault her for it, though purely tactically I can see the other side too.

That said, all this retroactive shitting on Feinstein feels like more progressive small-bore tactical blather. I believe you were one of the strategic thinkers that also excoriated them for not walking out of hearings that would have happened anyway, just quicker and easier for Kavanaugh. So please forgive me if I don’t think “progressives” have a whole lot of substance to offer in this case. In fact, I strongly suspect, if Feinstein released the letter in July, and Trump withdrew the nomination and replaced it with another, half the commenters here would have condemned her for letting Trump get another shot. At this point, it sounds as if Flake and other Senators may move to delay his committee vote again. We’ll see.


I never said it was right, but the past has shown it’s about the only way to throw off the chains of totalitarianism.

You are certainly right about that.


One apology after another. Party first.

And the accuser has come forward, which would have happened a month earlier except Feinstein dithered.

Dithering. It’s the d-party way.