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What is a “Shithole Country,” and Why is Trump Obsessed with Haiti?


What is a “Shithole Country,” and Why is Trump Obsessed with Haiti?

Mark Schuller
'Today we mourn. Tomorrow we fight.'
People join together to mark the 8th anniversary of the massive earthquake in Haiti and to condemn President Donald Trump's reported statement about immigrants from Haiti, Africa and El Salvador on January 12, 2018 in Miami, Florida. President Trump is reported to have called those places 'shithole countries' whose inhabitants are not desirable for U.S. immigration.


And the defenders of the status quo continue to wonder why so many people in this country have given up hope and turned their backs on our political system. Another year of Trump and the Democrats may learn the hard way, come election time, that their failure to mount an inspired opposition to Trump and offer a clear cut alternative will have consequences. They may not get the landslide anti-Trump vote they are expecting. Trump may not be the asset they think he is.

They might, instead, discover that the system’s inability to stop Trump and his daily dose of poison may drive even more people away from the voting booth. People can only take so much of this madness before they tune it out and drop out of the system for the sake of their sanity. The system is in collapse and the Democrats may go down with it if they continue to play politics as usual and continue to ignore the ever growing ranks of voters who have lost hope and given up.


They won’t though. If they haven’t learned by now to change their ways they won’t anytime soon. They are already floating celebrities and neoliberal candidates for 2020. The Democratic party is a party of losers who would rather keep losing than buck their corporate doners.


Believe it or not, this is the primary reason that Trump is President.
Believe it or not, this explains our shameful rate of incarceration.
Believe it or not, this is at the core of our hyper-aggressive policing.
Believe it or not, this explains many of our foreign military policies.
Believe it or not, this is the primary driver of cuts to social programs.
Believe it or not, this, not “voter fraud” is the real reason for voter suppression measures.

This is the “elephant in the room”. Its American manifestation is unique in the world. The rest of the world sees it more clearly than we White Americans do. It’s been with us for so many generations now, that we hardly notice it, even though it affects every one and every thing that we consider " normal".

The essay above is a great short course in the history of Haiti. I wish it would be read by a much wider audience. It needs to be. It deserves to be. It also shows a side of our history that is not generally known. One cannot begin to understand today’s events without a basic
knowledge of how they came about. I think that the late Howard Zinn would be proud of what Professor Schuller has written!


Socialist president Jacques Chirac…

Chirac was not a socialist president, but a hard-right Gaulist appointed as prime minister by Socialist President Francois Mitterrand in an arrangement the French call “collaboration.” Later on Chirac, as a rightist President, appointed Socialist Lionel Jospin as Prime Minister. It’s sort of a French version of duopoly politics and also an anomaly enabled by the French constitution.