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What Is Aleppo? This


What Is Aleppo? This.

Libertarian Gary Johnson's blank gaze at the name "Aleppo" is shocking - about as shocking as yesterday's chlorine gas attack there, or the New York Times' three corrections to accurately say what Aleppo is, or the pitiable fact that another candidate knows less than Trump, or the even more miserable fact that Johnson's bewilderment pretty much sums up U.S. policy and awareness on Syria, which is, as he astutely noted, "a mess." Yeah, a lot of it going around.


To paraphrase President Kennedy as he stormed out of a meeting with a faction of the government that would soon murder him: "...and we call ourselves the HUMAN race!?"


I was once asked in Hanoi (Vietnam) by a 48-year old woman who had lived through the 12-day Christmas bombing of that city why the Americans did it (she had been 16 years old at the time) I told her that Americans were ignorant and stupid. I see that absolutely NOTHING has changed in the intervening half-century.


But I'm sure Gary Johnson knows where Ayn Rand's grave is... and who John Galt is....


Today's Libertarian Party is nothing like the 1960s Libertarian Party, so don't count on Johnson knowing much about Rand or Galt.

Although today's Libertarian Party is libertarian on some social issues, it caters to corporate control of government almost as much as the Democrats and GOP do. When Robert LeFevre, Rampart College and the Pine Tree magazine were driving libertarian dogma in the 1960s they would never have promoted the TPP that Johnson promotes.


All the "Reason" reading "libertarians" in my area sure know and love Ayn Rand and her heroic John Gault.

And the TPP is a deeply "libertarian" (in the USan sense) document! The most vile aspect of it - the "Investor-State Dispute" provision is right out of something Rand's Gault or Friedman would have dreamed up.


Ok Common Dreams It is easy to criticize everybody eles's stupidity, but what in the hell do you think we should do in Syria? It is a mess, and both sides are bad. The ball is in your corner, what are your policy percriptions for Syria, since you know so much more than everybody else? Should we get involve in what is not only a civil war in Syria, but a regional civil war? If you I hope you have the decency to join the military.


Is Gary Johnson any different than 95% of the American public?


These pictures may make Hillary Clinton excited. Can almost taste it can't you Hillary?


We should get the hell out now. The US stirred the pot deliberately trying to topple Assad. We, with the support of our proxy Saudi Arabia, fanned the flames in Syria. We wanted this. We are responsible. And all the little Americans that sit back and ask, what's wrong with these people? Look in the mirror.


The bar for shoddy charlatans that The Owners allow us to vote for as "presidential" candidates is getting lower and lower.

How can ol' Gar' have an opinion or (perish the thought) a possible solution, when he doesn't even know where Aleppo is? Notice too, the corporate media doesn't bother to ask Don for his (chuckle) solution.


Is it up to CD to propose solutions, or is it up to our present and future "leaders?"


The corporation as asteroid.


And that's just the way we like it, by cracky.


"..about as shocking as yesterday's chlorine gas attack constituting yet another war crime there.."

The reports of the chlorine gas attack were made by the same groups pushing the false flag chlorine gas attack before.

"One person was killed by the blast of the barrel bomb, according to the US-based Syrian American Medical Society, which supports one of three hospitals in Aleppo where the victims were taken."

"The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported the attack"



A long time ago, I swore that I would do what I could to make things better, and in those cases where I can do only a little I would not look away. After voting, boycotting, petitioning, donating and everything else, however little it helped, I would not try to pretend that everything is okay.

I suppose I can understand why people don't know. Not condone, but understand. Because it has been increasingly difficult to keep that promise lately. One wonders how much heartache one person can endure. However much it is though, we certainly face less than the people who are there.


Gary has a solution - its simple and elegant. It kicks the ass of the GOP and the Dems. It is a solution so simple that knowing specific locations on a map are unnecessary. knowing the contrived dialogue of corporate mass media/propaganda is unimportant. Good for Gary. Foreign policy wise he is The MAN.

Gary Johnson position on Syria is we shouldn't be there, we shouldn't sell weapons to SA who then ships them to ISIS. He would never have been in Iraq and created ISIS and the climate for the Syrian disaster. He would not have installed a Shah of Iran. His foreign policy is bring all the troops back home and close all the foreign military bases. The disaster of Syria is US interventionism; something he will stop. He is Ron Paul all the way with foreign policy. None of our business. And the disasters start because we make it our business - the death industry. More dead since 1945 then Adolf did in WW2.

He is not a Clinton preaching American Exceptionalism (master Race) or the "Indispensable nation" - of which the obvious mirror is the rest of the word is disposable, non essential. Clinton's concern for Syria is a person with a foot on your throat asking if you are having trouble breathing.

For all intents and purposes the US is in fact ISIS - created it, funds it etc.. Thanks Hillary

Gary's ignorance when put into context is a good thing. He wouldn't have started it in the first place and if elected he certainly will stop supplying SA with arms, he will stop pandering to Israel who wants Syria destroyed. He will stop bombing Syria immediately.

His foreign policy is simple. Treat other nations as you would wish to be treated. He wouldn't want America to be bombed so he would stop bombing them. He would not want other countries financing revolution in the USA so he would stop financing revolution in Syria.

Yes that is shockingly amazing to hear a politician say something with a moral foundation.

He would also stop financing Israel and stop doing their military dirty work.

This article is SHOCKING in its unwillingness to report the disaster of Syria as a product of US interventionism through its terrorist ally SA and its proxies Al Qaeda (El Nusra - for the witless) and ISIS.

Should Gary be doing what the democrats are doing ? Bombing the crap out of the country and pretending they care?

Go Gary Go get 15% and get into the debates.

His domestic policies are wonky - no income tax - no federal reserve (that's good) - and a 23% sales tax on all nonessential items. But he would have to work with congress and the senate on those domestic issues. If I was an American he would get my vote because his foreign policy is better than Steins and we can fight him on the domestic front through congress. Stein thinks there should be a nuclear free middle east (nice ) but Johnson is better - none of our business what other sovereign nations do. Lead by example - don't dictate or interfere.

Foreign policy is by the executive. as a rest of the worlder - he is THE MAN.

Stein and Johnson have integrity , morality at their core. That is indeed shocking.


and our very own MILITARY INDUSTRIAL CORPORATE COMPLEX sells more arms of all kinds-bombs' landmines, bullets, guns, WHATEVER. Some decent members of Congress are trying to stop A HUGE ARMS DEAL to Saudi Arabia which has destroyed Yemen. Commenters above are right-Shillary never met a war or an arms deal she couldn't celebrate; in fact, she helped arms deals when she was SOS.
As Kennedy said, "And we call ourselves the human race?" That;s why the CIA murdered him and his brother-because they had turned toward PEACE.
Also sickening is public figures, including OBAMA, celebrating and praising "our troops." No, no, and again no. Instead of spending over 60% of our national dollar on these armanents and troop build up, I would so like to see money spent on improving education-K12 through free university; leaving fossil fuels in the ground and increasing solar and wind and other alternative energies; universal healthcare, and on and on. GUESS WE HAVE TO CONVINCE THE GREEDY MURDEROUS 1% and the CORPORATIONS that there is profit in doing these life-affirming, quality of life avenues instead of poisoning us all with chemicals, poisoning our water and earth, letting us die for lack of heathcare, and on and on.
In Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next," his ode to quality of life, human dignity issues exemplified in many countries--NOT THE US-he shows the humane free healthcare system in Germany, universal free university in Slovenia, gourmet school lunches in France, lengthy vacations in Italy, women's equality law-mandated in Tunisia and Iceland; human dignity and true rehabilitation of lawbreakers in Portugal and Norway. The film's premise is that these ideas often started here @ home, BUT GOT LOST and trampled on. Moore plans to bring these enlightened ideas back to the US.


And the entrance to the Koch brothers wallets.


When I read "about as shocking as yesterday's chlorine gas attack constituting yet another war crime there" it sounds like this writer is regurgitating war propaganda. The chlorine gas attacks in Syria are being blamed on the Assad Government - something which is highly unlikely and will almost certainly be used to justify US military escalation.

If we don't challenge - rather than swallow and regurgitate - the war propaganda, we'll never have any chance of ending violent US military intervention in Syria or anywhere else.

If the American government didn't want this war to be happening, it wouldn't be. And now much of the so-called left is supporting for president the most dangerous warmonger ever to run as a non-incumbent candidate.

Obama and Clinton destroyed Libya, helped overthrow democratically elected governments in Honduras and Ukraine, pursued dangerous policies of NATO aggression and confrontation with Russia and initiated and prolonged the war in Syria.

And the mainstream news media have completely swallowed the war propaganda, suppress damaging information about the Clintons and are in competition to see who can more enthusiastically demonize Syrian President Basher al-Assad and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

We should expect and desperately need much better from Common Dreams.

Eduardo Cohen