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'What is Aleppo?' Wonders Gary Johnson in TV Interview Stumble


'What is Aleppo?' Wonders Gary Johnson in TV Interview Stumble

Nika Knight, staff writer

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson seemed to inadvertently reveal a stunning lack of foreign policy knowledge on Thursday morning when he didn't know the name of the besieged capital city of Syria.


We're at war.
All over the f****** place.
So the least we should expect from those who want to lead us is knowing where s*** is located on a map.
Especially a place where death and destruction rains down on innocent people almost daily because they are being bombed by America.

On top of that Johnson is a laissez faire Capitalist which is the worst kind of Capitalist criminal.


So you're an Ayn Rand fan?


I simply asked a question.


No, you made a statement and put a question mark at the end.


Is that how you interpreted what I did?


Loaded question?
Either you enjoy what Ayn Rand has written or you don't
It's a binary choice.
How do 'you' define anarchism?


Well it looks like Trump is not the only candidate who knows almost nothing about foreign policy. I wonder if Johnson knows what the nuclear triad is. Trump didn't. Look, even the average New York Times readers knows this stuff. Probably even the average reader of the New York Daily News. What this shows as these candidates have not done their homework. They don't care enough to boost their qualifications to be running for president. Jill Stein seems impressive with her knowledge, however, without any experience holding public office I would say she is unqualified to be running for president. It goes without saying that Hillary Clinton does her homework and as President Obama says she is probably the most qualified person ever to run for president. So one out of the four candidates is clearly qualified and since Johnson was a two-germ governor he at least has experience in government but questions must be raised about whether he even reads the news. Trump and Stein lack even the minimal requirements and the former is a pathological liar and bigot so he must be defeated..

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Johnson is a kindred spirit with the average Murkin who when polled about Benghazi (within a month of the disaster there) a majority of Murkins polled thought Ben Ghazi was a guy somewhere in the middle east.

Looks like Johnson is a candidate made to order for the US electorate ?

Knowing that Stein would outshine all candidates on domestic AND foreign policy, the oligarchs don't want third party candidates included in debates.


You believe that Hillary is qualified to run the country?
How did you come to that decision and please don't feed us her resume.


I hope you have a great day. And stay safe.
No that's not a veiled threat.


Health insurance and access to medical care is one of the major problems in the US. Jill Stein is a doctor with experience on this important issue.

Obama and Clinton have kept the endless war regime change mentality on high heat. This kind of experience is what has led the US to kill tens of millions of people since ww2. I also apply your last sentence to the democratic candidate; a pathological liar.

Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Vote for Dr. Jill Stein.


Hello Gary Johnson,

It does not bother me that you do not know everything there is to know.

I might even support you if you were not supporting the secret TPP tribunals that can declare things like child labor laws and environmental regulations as an impediment to profit which US taxpayers would be liable to reimburse foreign based corporations for.

Any person who supports TPP is supporting the end of US democracy and sovereignty. Why do you do that?

Cordially, Garrett


I disagree with Libertarianism in many if not most respects, but I do appreciate it's non-interventionist bias in terms of foreign policy. This non-interventionist perspective is perhaps the cause of Johnson's lack of knowledge concerning Aleppo. Johnson may not be well-qualified to run the country, but Hillary Clinton is highly qualified to ruin the country.


Give credit to Johnson for admitting his ignorance. That is far more honest than you get from the likes of Trump (blatant lies that he knows something and attacks of those who found him out) or Clinton (vague platitudes about American the indispensable and the need for more imperialist power. Johnson gave a decent overall response to the question after that.

On the US staying out of foreign entanglements, Johnson position is not bad. He wants to decriminalize pot. However, his positions on many other issues are AWFUL (I will list if requested).

So if you don't want to vote for Clinton or Trump, vote Stein, not Johnson.


Libertarians may not want to intervene militarily, but they do want the biggest and best military that a trillion tax dollars can buy.
Just like Hillary and Trump.


I think this is all very sad. Aleppo is the largest city in Syria, but I believe the capital is Damascus, and has been for hundreds of years.


If you told US voters that Aleppo is the latest disease to hit Florida would most of them believe you ?


To be fair, when your party's official stance is that whatever's out there would be better off without us sticking our noses into whatever's out there, you might not be in as good a position to tell us about what's out there as some other candidate would.


Good point. I was thinking about Gary Johnson and then I heard he supports the TPP. How can someone be for freedom and liberty and support a tyrannical thing like the TPP or any international agreement which subverts the sovereign rights of nations or individuals? It seem hypocritical to me.

In theory the libertarians want to release us from foreign entanglements and eliminate all of the US bases around the world. This seems like a good idea. The US needs to stop pushing weapons and entering illegally into the affairs of foreign sovereign nations. Many of these interventions are through agreements similar to TPP. It is a mess!