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What is Behind Israel's Attempt to Ban Al Jazeera?


What is Behind Israel's Attempt to Ban Al Jazeera?

Mark LeVine

The present attempt by the government of Israel to close down Al Jazeera's offices in Jerusalem reflects a potentially far-reaching shift in the perceived power and role of critical media, not just in the Israeli occup


What’s behind Israel’s long record of press censorship, closing areas to the press, and targeting journalists - including Al Jazeera? Well, isn’t that obvious? To hide from the world the truth of Israeli racism, ethnic cleansing, destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, homes, water resources, olive orchards, culture, murders of unarmed protesters Palestinian and International including Americans and much more?

A deliberate agenda to hide the truth of crimes from the world!

The racist apartheid state cannot exist without such journalist obstruction and killings, distortions of fact, brutal repression, subversion of foreign governments and elected reps, and massive propaganda effort!

Al Jazeera shines a light on the rot and cesspool of the reality of Israeli racism, over half century illegal occupation, thousands of murders of civilian men, women and children, contempt for world opinion, International Law, UN resolutions/Charter, and numerous crimes against humanity in their pre-meditated illegal and racist cleansing and colonization of Palestine!





In what other part of the world is this not called terrorism?


ENANTIODROMIA - Cf: Heraclitus : a phenomenon of unexpected transformation, first conceptually articulated in Greece ca. 600 BCE, in which a thing or force or person tends to become its opposite.

Certainly not all, but nonetheless all-too-many modern day Israelis, especially Bibi N. and other Likud -type hyper conservatives, are becoming more and more like their dehumanized 20th century Nazi oppressors/murderers…
Cf also: Carl Jung’s concept of the Psychological Shadow.


Without a comprehensive understanding of this area of the world - there are too many off the cuff remarks.

Here is something to chew on: