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What Is Happening at the Venezuelan Embassy Is an Outrage

What Is Happening at the Venezuelan Embassy Is an Outrage

Medea Benjamin

Right here in Washington DC an unprecedented showdown is unfolding. Venezuelan supporters of self-declared interim president Juan Guaido have been trying to take over the Venezuelan Embassy. This goes against international law, the wishes of the government in control in Venezuela, and the dogged determination of a group of US citizens called the Embassy Protection Collective, who have been living in the Embassy since April 15.


It is an outrage. Secret Service and DC Police are there only to protect their paychecks and serve their corporate masters.
Like most in the government, they do not understand or care about the law.

Max Blumenthal went down with video evidence of the vandalism and inquired, as a DC resident why the police were not taking action. They ignored him.

Solidarity with Venezuela and the Embassy Protection Collective!


1933 Germany, deja vu all over again. I’ve seen some bad stuff in the “land of the free” especially during the Nixon era; but this is more than over the top. Usually, at lease nowadays, the DC, Park and Secret Service are pretty good about keeping opposing demonstrators apart. Obviously this gross violation of their duties must be coming from orders at the top. This smells like the style of John Bolton or the Orange Fuhrer himself. Some think the term fascism gets overused; this definitely fits the definition; Rohm(Brownshirt leader) would be impressed.

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May the invisible powers that be Bless Medea Benjamin. A woman of Peace and Integrity.


G.O.R.T we need you NOW.


Agreed! Let’s send out a message, gandolf. Maybe he will hear and show up PRONTO!

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 The Selective Service watching the mob attacks wakens images of racist

mobs and local (Birmingham) police attacking peaceful civil rights marchers:
Medea, could that be what’s going on?
The Trump trio of evil don’t want to appear as the attackers of dissents
(this is America land of the free), so they incite, organize and protect Guaido
supporters to do their dirty work–proxy wars by any other name and this
rose stinks!
If so, is your Venezuela Embassy stance a “bury my heart at Wounded Knee,”
death knell for democracy and now it’s time to admit that we’re locked into a police state?

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Hi SequoiaBison, and may a whole bunch of people who own those little $50 recreational drones arrange to have bags of food flown into the embassy windows! : )


Yes! And, when, not if, but when, they attempt to throw rocks or other projectiles at the drones, make sure to take pictures of it and press charges. Continue to put on the pressure until they (the police) do the job they are paid to do.


Yes stardB, good actions; but where are our progressive and liberal 2020
presidential Democratic Party candidates? Why aren’t they protesting this
“outrage” against B. Medea & Co. outside the U.S. Venezuelan Embassy?
Bernie and good friend Biden, Pelosi, Schumer et. al.; Only silence; when
if truth be told, they would be screaming “Halt” at this police state attack.

Wag the dog or get impeached?

It is. As a black Hispanic from Venezuela, who studied US history, the mostly white people who have taken over the embassy is just age old standard white privilege practice. Listen to the names they call the actual Venezuelan people in the streets telling the white people to get out and let actual Venezuelans in to their own embassy. The presidential election in Venezuela was vacated by the Venezuelan congress. Guaido, was elected to congress like Nancy Pelosi was in the US. Then, our congress elected him to be our “speaker of the house” like the US house did for Pelosi. What the white people in our embassy are saying is that for white people, they would side with their constitution and congress should Trump and Pence be constitutionally impeached and removed, but in their minds, Hispanics do not have the same rights to constitutional protections their congress and constitution prescribe?? I get that they don’t like Trump and they are willing to throw Hispanics under the bus to further that agenda, but when has white people “managing” the property belonging to black and Hispanic people ever resulted in anything good for the minority? Never! …but it’s that damn white person divine right of dominion over all minorities and animals, that drives them on to do it. The idiots just don’t see the irony. None of the people inside have Venezuelan passports (unless they’ve made them since they’ve been there) and MOST of the people outside do have Venezuelan passports.White people! You know that a Venezuelan in prison has more of a right to their embassy than you. Please let us Venezuelans know whenever you decide to support our constitution and people as opposed to supporting our misogynistic narcissist Trump on steroids, Maduro. I wish you many years of Trump leadership so you can get a small taste of what you are doing to us. I hope it gets to the point in your country that, like Maduro, Trump makes it where government food and housing assistance only gets distributed at Trump rallies and gets taken away if you don’t show up!

VENEZUELANS DON’T WANT WHITE PEOPLE OCCUPYING OUR EMBASSY KEEPING VENEZUELANS OUT!!! Seriously, if you were in a foreign country, needed embassy services because you had some trouble on your trip, and people in that country took over your embassy, because the Trump staff was leaving and wanted them to keep you out of it, would you think that was right? fair? Codepink is THAT stupid. LET MY PEOPLE GO (to their embassy!)

…and it always starts with white people and their divine right over us minorities …and animals.

Hi telos2 and there is a famous line about fascism, and I can’t remember who said it,
i.e. “When fascism comes to America…” and I can’t remember the rest , something about being wrapped in a flag , I think-------so let’s see, “When Fascism comes to America it will be wiring a secret service badge and ignoring the Constitutional rights of the citizens…”
That works : )

Hi El -Comandante------but ummm Guaido is pretty white looking, you know, compared to Maduro. In fact a lot of the people trying to get Code Pink out, ARE white people. THE rightful and voted in government in Venezuela is cool with Code Pink. Your chosen people seem to be undermining their own government. : )
Maybe Guaido should try for the White House, that might be a real Monty Python fun thing to watch.

I doubt that you speak for all Venezuelans. And let me guess. You support Guaido as the president even though he didn’t even run for president. I’d sure love to know how this works. Just wake up one day and say that you’re going to be the president.

BTW. Code pink has been invited in the embassy by the real president of Venezuela.

I’m curious. Are you one of the goons outside the embassy keeping people from delivering food? If so then how can you complain about people in Venezuela not having essentials?


lol. This isn’t what’s happening and you know that.

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This article on Venezuela keeps saying that Trump is dropping sanctions on individuals in Venezuela for various favors. I can’t understand how this works for individuals. Can someone explain this to me?

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