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What is Hope?

What is Hope?

Frances Moore Lappé

I’ve been called a hope fiend, and I cop to it.

More than ever, hope isn’t just a “nice” feeling we’re lucky to experience from time to time. No, hope has become a requirement, as despair is our worst enemy. So, let me share a few things this fiend has learned about hope.

First, it’s work.

Yes, I know that hope and effort don’t seem to go together. But think about it: A lot of good things in life—from a good meal to a good marriage—entail work, sometimes a lot of work. Yet, when we pause to savor them, we know it’s been worth it.

What is hope?

Simply stated, hope is a belief in a positive outcome.

Example : Trump in a matching orange jumpsuit.

For life.

Hi MCH, a motivator , that’s good. I like that.

So remember this HOPE isn’t really a word, it’s an acronym for this : )

H humanity O ptimizes P positive E energy. HOPE, so when we work together like the Energizer Bunny—things start hopping! : )

There is an earlier manifestation of the terms possiblist and impossiblist

Sounds like a fancy way of saying what I was going to say, that hope is what they dangle in front of you to keep you from participating in a revolution.

Barack Hussein Obama elected US president…twice?



You expressed it very much clearer and simpler - cheers