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What Is Really Being Asked For Here

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/08/what-really-being-asked-here


Call us naive at 18 or 19…but this is what so many who enlist believe. This old, disabled vet salutes you. As we get older and leave we join organizations like About Face who remind today’s military about Fort Hood 52 years ago.

August 23, 1968 nearly 100 black GIs gathered to protest being sent to Chicago for “riot control” duty in advance of the Democratic Convention. Many may remember Dr. King was assassinated earlier in the year and the country, especially its black citizens, was up in arms. Uprisings across the country. After enduring heavy combat in Viet Nam, they were damned if they were going to “police” black neighborhoods in Chicago…neighborhoods like their own. Many went to jail or got discharged instead. Look it up…makes for fascinating reading.

But that sign at the bottom though!

“Racism is so American that when you protest it, people think you are protesting America.”


Brenda, I will be thinking of you and this Marine veteran along with the countless people who have died from hate crimes this coming Saturday during another local action to demand an end to structural racism and the wanton murder of people of color in and out of uniform. I will share your post.


Were I Commandant of the Corps, I’d promote ex-LCpl Winn to MSgt for leadership, even though he’s probably not even in the reserves now.


Marine veteran Todd Winn
Thank you for your witness
May it be multiplied by the millions in a full spectrum of representation for peace, justice and love.


Good Job Marine !!!

Be the Change you Want to See in the World


Watch out. The next thing you know he’ll join Gerry Condon and Veterans for Peace. :heart_eyes:


Being a soldier should be an obsolete profession, not needed in an era of peace and harmony. So we need to get there as fast as possible, fear hate and hate fear. Wars and conflicts are engaged by old, overweight, in denial white men. Stop all wars, stop the propaganda and lies. Protest now or forever be part of the problem. Peace


Marine Winn, I snap you a salute, bringing it own slowly, covering my heart with the palm of my hand.

Hi rolson----and Marine Todd Winn stood in the 99 degree heat for THREE hours.Oh if only our elected ones could take the heat—and then ACT on making America truly democratic for ALL.