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What Is She Doing Right? Report Says Wall Street Ready to Punish Dems over Elizabeth Warren


What Is She Doing Right? Report Says Wall Street Ready to Punish Dems over Elizabeth Warren

Jon Queally, staff writer

What could she possibly be doing right?

According to exlusive reporting by Reuters on Friday, big Wall Street banks are so upset with Elizabeth Warren’s call to "un-rig" the economy and proposals for stronger financial regulations that discussions are underway about withholding campaign contributions to Senate Democrats as a form of "symbolic" protest against the freshman senator from Massachusetts.


When are we as a country going to realize that corporations should not be allowed to participate in politics AT ANY LEVEL! Only actual human beings should EVER be allowed to participate in the political process. In other words, not only should they be prohibited from donating money to politicians, there should also not be any corporate political affairs departments, lobbying departments, etc. Corporations should only be acted upon by the political process, not act upon it. We also need to bring back and rigorously enforce the corporate “death penalty” (charter revocation), something that we’ve totally forgotten about. U. S. BP should have had that happen to them for their oil spill in the Gulf and all of their criminal shenanigans surrounding it. They don’t deserve to continue in business, and their officials deserve to be in prison. The proceeds from the sale of their assets could have helped to pay for the damage they did.


Ms Warren was intelligent enough not to spend her own or supporters’ $$ on starting what would surely be a futile run at the White House. At this point, if she was to merely put her name out “officially” as a write-in candidate, she’d do better than with a “real” campaign. Staying out of bed with the corporate psychopath banksters is the best guarantee of getting the US-public off the couch and out to the polling stations.

Now if she’d just stop supporting Israel’s “right to defend” BS, she’d be a slam dunk.


This dovetails with Rep propaganda of Jeb “giving up” paid appearances, as if his SuperPacs etc. don’t exceed rational size. Trying to say there’s a difference between the equally corrupt Rep/Dem political combine is a waste of zeros and ones.


It will be interesting to watch Hillary try to triangulate on this one. She knows that nothing would be more popular among the Democratic base than seeing a a Bankster like Jamie Diamond thrown in jail, but she so needs that corporate money. How to resolve this? Easy, follow the path that Obama did when he publicly stated he was open to the public option while he privately told big Pharma that this would never happen. Of course this involves lying and deceit of the most cynical kind but that’s what politicians do. They will continue to do it as long as they can get elected by this means. So Hillary will rail against a banker or two and promise financial reform but her private communications will assure Wall St. that they have nothing to fear if she is elected. Ha,ha, American voter, jokes on you again. You stupid gullible HIllary supporters, don’t you see what is so apparent to the rest of us, she is a calculated, triangulating, betray any promise, congenital liar. And a war monger to boot. She has a contined record of betrayal. Vote for her at your own risk. Shame on you mindless identidy voters who support her just because she’s a woman, you are just as mindless and gullible as the tea partners on the other side.


We need to remian realistic and accept that unless there is an uprising, which i really doubt there will be one, Warren is by far the best option as a future president. I dont adhere to conspiracy theories but I do know that the american people have gotten too comfortable and have allowed corporations to do all the work for us and in the process we as americans have given these corporations a green light into our political inner workings. Where were the uprisings when citizens united case went through? when Obama backtracked on the public option? when massive civil rights wins were overturned? Warren is a viable option but she needs all of our support not our criticism.


Good withhold money from the Democratic party then maybe an alternative to the two wall street parties will emerge.


Husband Bill has enjoyed an eight figure annual corporate speaking fee income since leaving the white house ($17 million in 2013 alone) and Hillary is also hopping on this gravy train. Obama will hop on as soon as he signs TPP, and the other “trade deals” he has been promoting.


This action by the banksters is just a reminder to the Democratic Party that they need to repeat the primary election strategy they have applied ever since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985: Eliminate all populist contenders early in the primaries. enabling a corporate money magnet like Hillary (just like Barack and Bill) to get the nomination.


The issue may appear to be one connected to elections, but not the one most Americans believe in. “We the people…” might participate in this illusion of democratic elections, but the politicians are selected and the competition decided between powers citizens rarely see.


Go to YouTube and search for the documentary “THE POWER PRINCIPLE”.


What is she doing right? She is playing the sheeple, game that America is a democracy that really is a Wall Street, Congressional, Military Dictatorship. That is exactly what Elizabeth Warren, who may be sincere, is doing right for Wall Street . She is the fake opposition being used and manipulated by the oligarchs, to mislead the American electorate that they live in a democracy.


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Theater. Alles Theater.


Based on the track record of Democratic Party and GOP politicians it is hardly far fetched to say that the 98% of US voters who voted for the corporate Democrat or corporate GOP candidate in 2012 (when six more populist candidates were on most ballots) are afflicted with the Stockholm Syndrome, whereby they are have endeared themselves to their captors and resist the efforts of those who want to help them.


“Slam dunk.” A-P? So you’re okay with Warren being silent on war crime trials for torture and those that don’t prosecute for them, like Obama? As silent as Sanders on the military budget? Progressives need a fighter, not someone being begged to run.


The bank officials should save their money for the prison canteen.


If this is true, I would call this blackmail.


Thank you Gene Debs,

You are completely right, for the SHORT term. But eventually, we should aim for your namesake’s ultimate goal, which is to create a CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH. All large corporations must become CO-OPS, owned and democratically controlled by their workers, or by worker/community federations.

Political democracy cannot function unless it is supported by economic democracy. Two reasons. 1) As long as the corporations control their present money and resources, they will never allow reforms which will deprive them of political influence; and 2) If we ever did achieve reforms which cut back on corporate power, they will use their money to chip away and destroy those reforms, as they did after the New Deal. Remember, from the Wagner Act which institutionalized union power in 1935, to Taft Hartley in 1947, which cut the legs off of union power, was only 12 years. Only if we take corporations away from the capitalists completely can that be prevented from happening again and again.


Money can’t buy you love.