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‘What Is Terrorism?’ NYT Asks—but Offers No Answers


‘What Is Terrorism?’ NYT Asks—but Offers No Answers

Joshua Cho

“What is terrorism, and who is a terrorist?” the New York Times (3/7/19) asked in a recent report on the hindering of peace negotiations between the United States government and the Taliban in Afghanistan—without suggesting any possible answers to these questions.


What’s in a name?

Control of the narrative


If no one is willing to officially declare the U.S.as a terrorist state, then we need to end our “war on terror.”


Why, a terrorist is anyone who stands up for environmental rights, privacy, human rights, equality or actual democracy.
As well as anyone who opposes capitalism or dares defend themselves against capitalist exploitation.
If you are killed by an American bomb, you are of course also automatically a terrorist.


If the definition of terrorism focuses on an “illegal” use of violence or threat of violence “in order to coerce” a population or group into a particular action, one could get hung up on the question “illegal according to whom?”. In any case, the US is arguably the world’s most effective terrorist nation based on just one event in terms of total deaths - or we should say, murders. Just consider the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (cities - not combat fields) killing everyone present. These were predominantly NOT populations of soldiers, as they were off fighting a war, but rather they were what you have left when the soldiers of a city go off to fight a war, namely the children, wives, elderly, and other civilians. Why was it done? To force or “coerce” the Japanese to surrender. Sounds like terrorism to me. And by the way, the real reason was to test a new military toy. Then-President Truman’s top military advisor Admiral William Leahy wrote in his book “I was There” that ‘‘It is my opinion that the use of this barbarous weapon at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was of no material assistance in our war against Japan. The Japanese were already defeated and ready to surrender because of the effective sea blockade and the successful bombing with conventional weapons.’’ That was 1945, and although it was the last time the US used this class of weaponry, their acts of terrorism continue.


Definition of Terrorist.

1>A person , usually of darker colored complexion, who lives in a region of resource wealth which is desired by US Corporations

2>A person who might stand in the way of profit making opportunities for Corporations by engaging in activism, protests or whom might elect Governments not welcoming of those Corporations.

3>Any person who is critical of the State of Israel or the United States of America.

I think that covers them all!


Psyops is terrorism.
MKUltra is terrorism.


I was giving the definition used by the US Media and the US Government.


I guess I want to add to your definition, based on folks I know. Seems to work on a point system.
Terrorists may also be:
People who have unique information about some dirty government deed.
People who open independent newspapers and report government misdeeds.
People who learn certain foreign languages.

It was some years back that I read that the highest paying language jobs in the US were for Arabic. Problem was that a person learning this language would be put on a list and therefore not be eligible for the job.