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What Is the 'AI Agenda,' Who's Pushing It and Why?


What Is the 'AI Agenda,' Who's Pushing It and Why?

Jim Hightower

The great thing about corporate giants is that they are such amazing business innovators. Look at the Big Four airline oligopoly, for example. They've perfected the unique business model of the "double-squeeze": squeezing more customers into ever-smaller seats while simultaneously squeezing more money out of customers' pockets. What genius!


Corporate apologists cavalierly claim that displaced humans can be “reskilled” to do something else. But what? Where? When?

That’s exactly what the fossil fuel industry needs to do- reskill and do something else like develop sustainable energy production. Why is that so hard for them to figure out? They must be too lazy to budge themselves or too stupid. There’s not many more excuses for them. Lazy or stupid, that’s about it.


As with much of really good science fiction, Battlestar Galactica always felt like a big time warning for the future. And here we are.


Artificial Intelligence was preceded by Artificial Personhood. In the twisted logic of the genre, it might well be called a natural development.

Almost a century and a half ago, piggybacking on the 14th Amendment and a later case involving Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, corporations were effectively granted the status of artificial persons. The corporate model, essentially hierarchical, undemocratic, and dictatorial - with an eye always towards manipulating the bottom line - has taken over government along with everything else. It’s been down hill ever since.

We have met the enemy, and he is our mechanical doppelgänger - Robby the Robot.


Artificial Intelligence is the quintessential oxymoron.


Corporate forces warn that increases in minimum wage will force them to use more AI to do the work. As if they weren’t trying everything in their power already to get rid of workers, their lunch beaks, payroll taxes and other bothersome details. No, the reason companies haven’t dumped people already is because cost-saving science isn’t there yet, not because of demands for a living wage.


AI “will eliminate 40 percent of the world’s jobs within 15 years.”

iF we could produce all the goods and services we need with negligible human work, then that would be a good thing ,and we could have a heaven on earth, if we had an economic system with an equitable sharing of that output and the human work required to product it, but it would be an unmitigated disaster, hell on earth, with the economic system and gross inequity we have now.

What does that tell ya?


Decentralize everything …put the power back into local communities .
You don’t need those big corporations .
Need is the first illusion.
The fastest way to move the power away from those that seek control is decentralization of the economy.


The AI agenda is much larger than mere displacement of workers. The point of all this data-collection is a radical advertising theory: that if I collect enough information about you, I can control you: not just behavioral prediction, but also behavioral modification. The truly bizarre aspect of this consumer steering theory is that, psychologically, it’s grounded in long-discredited (and frankly disgusting) B.F. Skinner cult-orthodoxy.

I know this sounds like AlephNull has really gone off the deep end into too much paranoia lately, but there’s explicit documentation of this, much of it in formal papers from the chief scientist of Google. See Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff for all the gory details, if you’re interested.

Apparently, this theory is going to hold sway until it kills enough of us. The recent Boeing crashes were AI failures, incidentally.


This was a noticeable threat to workers – in response to the perception
by banksters that regulation is anti-business and not about controlling the
fraud and theft that the bankers have engaged in over the last 20 or more
years free from regulation —
All of which has resulted in millions of Americans losing their homes in foreclosures.

Much of the foreclosures seemed unnecessary as means of preventing them seem
to have been engineered to “not operate” by banksters – including bank workers
ignoring help that could have been given or very seriously delaying it until it was too late.

But notice the “brush off” of the committees attempts to discover and deal with the
record of theft and fraud in the banking industry as “anti-business.”

As was made clear by the questioners – there seems no way to control the banks even
with regulations which are overturned through political means/bribes of members of
Congress, etc. They are saying to them the next step is putting you in jail.

Their return reply is one of timing – does automation get put in place putting all corporations
behind “robot” screens where you can’t reach them – or does the government of the “people”
finally act to prevent them FIRST and FOREMOST?

"The AI agenda is not coming from the gods, nature or machines. It’s a choice being made by an elite group of corporate and political powers trying to impose their selfish interests on everyone else."

Capitalism is an evil which cannot be regulated –

Unregulated capitalism is merely organized crime –

Capitalism is a system intended to move the wealth and natural resources
of nations from the many to the few – and it has done that successfully all
over the world in the past few hundreds years of its existence.

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The only thing lazy or stupid is the theme of this article. So what’s the alternative? Companies can’t look for ways to improve? There’s an upper limit as to how much and what technology we can use? If we used that logic we’d still have horses and buggies because those darn automobile companies would be taking the jobs of the buggy makers. Dumb dumb dumb logic.

Plus, why don’t we solve this fossil fuel problem by investing more in nuclear energy? It’s the safest, cleanest and, by far, most efficient energy source among the non-fossil fuel options.


When 40% of jobs are eliminated, who’s going to purchase the crap robots make? The rich? Hardly.

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Did you enjoy your vacation to Fukushima and Chernobyl?


The alternative is honesty –

The Hearingss were about BANKSTERS and their fraud, rip off’s of customers –
huge fines which didn’t stop them from theft and picking the pockets of customers.

The “improvement” you’re talking about – service to customers and better reputations
didn’t happen. Do you think they’re in business to bankrupt citizens – to force them
to lose their homes? Cause that’s what YOU’VE been doing.

And – yes, why not have LOTS more NUCLEAR REACTOR GOES FUKUSHIMA?

Try reading that NONE of the 600 reactors worldwide were built to withstand the threats
we are seeing from Global Warming.

What you’re saying is the point of business is to put labor out of business.

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AI can be controlled by a few. Not so AGI. It will be controlled by all the people, direct democratically.


AI and AGI, are a serious threat to the existence of humans and other life forms on this planet. The people behind it, Kurzweil, Bostrom, Tegmark, etc., and you can read what they say, do not care at all about life. Their plan is to ‘improve’ it with robots, machine learning, neural networks, Transhumanism, and the heck with the rest.

It’s scary that those in control have such a world view. They need to be stopped but instead the universities and governments are pushing them forward, giving them billions and don’t care what the outcome is.

It’s late in the game for CD and progressives to start paying attention to this.


Chernobyl was a disasater caused by a communist government. No one died directly as a result of Fukushima.


McDonald’s CEO to worker pay ratio - 1,786 to 1.
I wonder who this AI thing benefits?
I will not use them…


All this has happened before, and all this will happen again…


It is the obvious and glaring problem with their plan.