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'What Is the Trump Administration Trying to Hide?' Asks Sanders After President Blocks Amb. Gordon Sondland Testimony

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/what-trump-administration-trying-hide-asks-sanders-after-president-blocks-amb-gordon

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Didn’t Ambassador Sondland give Trump a million $ to buy the Ambassador, job? I do not see why Gordon Sondland can’t testify… Trump has to know he will lie for him.


What Trump mostly needs to hide is that his personal lawyer, Rudy G, and his “associates” have been trying to wheedle their way into positions of power as high-paid “advisors” and “board members” at Naftogaz, the Ukraininan natgas giant. How are doing the wheedling? By playing off of their friends in high places. Friends like Trump.

Does that make it sound like Rudy is guilty of what he’s accusing Hunter Biden of? Fuck yeah, it does.


Kangaroo Court? Is he talking about the Supreme Court?


Trump’s entire term has been a disgraceful circus. The american nation has been humiliated in the world community by this bumbling fool. Those who support him apparently really don’t care about this nation and its people. It is a disgrace which needs to be checked and ended. The people should demand ongoing impeachments of not only Trump but of judges who are found to be unethical and anyone else in government whose career is built on lies and deception.


Just don’t throw me in that briar patch


Why don’t the damn Dems quite whining about it and start locking these miscreants up for refusing to testify. They would if any of them were Black.


I know little about impeachment so I ask: With all the other HORRIBLE things the asshole has done against the best interests of his own people and country and the world, why can’t THOSE issues also be included in this? It would be great to expose his horrendous actions; maybe that would even get some of his brain-dead supporters to open their eyes.


absolutely correct. While this Ukraine thing is something very likely impeachable it is just one of thousands of impeachable acts. I feel like the subversion of our agencies and protective laws - such as the EPA - and the gutting of state department and other agencies. Trump has belittled and eliminated knowledgeable career employees who knew what they were doing and were trying to carry out the laws and replaced them with political hacks. Focusing on the Ukraine thing might actually have benefits to Trump in the ability to obfuscate and confuse the american public. We need to see it all.


Criminal referrals for failing to honor a subpoena go to Bill Barr. The system is blocked.


The House has a Sergeant at Arms and I believe has the ability to arrest and detain someone for contempt of congress. Maybe this is a time to make a challenge but then we know what the Supreme Court is likely to do since it does not reflect a democracy.


My take is that an impeachment inquiry every so often should be, at least in part, a national civics course for a nation born and raised on the big bamboozle. Whether he’s convicted in the Senate is almost–almost!–beside the point: if you don’t smack these types with a figurative rolled-up newspaper, they start to think they can govern by fiat.

Or, as somebody observed, “Impeachment isn’t a Constitutional crisis–it’s the CURE for a Constitutional crisis.”


Book him, Danno.

If anyone outside of the elites in DC were to disobey a congressional subpoena and claim that his boss ordered him to do it, that person and his boss would be arrested faster than you could say neoliberal fascism.


You’re either a troll or you are virtue signaling.

Just kidding.


Yes inherent contempt has been upheld before by SCOTUS, but not against the chief executive, and as you say nowadays all bets are off. If they could fix an election (2000) anything is possible.

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Nah. Probably he’s got it mixed up with Australia.

Still smarting? Just kidding.

Maybe he has to resign first.

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I agree. It’s time for Schiff and Pelosi to test just how far Bill Barr is willing to go. Send the subpoenas out. Hold the hearings, if they don’t show, send the arrest warrants to the Justice Dept. Force Bill Barr to make the most fateful decision of his career. If he complies then you have your witnesses. If he doesn’t, you take your case to the people. Then, if the people don’t seem to care you’ll have your answer.

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