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What Is the 'Trump Fix'?


What Is the 'Trump Fix'?

Jim Hightower

In Donald Trump's presidential campaign, it was his frequent, unbridled slaps at Wall Street elites and arrogant, job-busting corporate executives that gave him the "populistic" patina he needed to win. But wait a minute: Who are those guys escorting The Donald into the Oval Office?


Contrast this trump regime arrogance and hubris (especially trumps), its pathology and total contempt for the public interest or Common Good, a sustainable environment, and ordinary common decency - its open aggression against any and all that conflicts with what are called "conservative values" - contrast their aggressive arrogance with the political timidity, and culture of craven compromise (read collusion) the Obama administration exhibited from the giddy-up - the so-called "progressive" administration that really never fought for anything! All that wasted time - 8 years - of cowardice and/or premeditated collusion!

Now in the last few weeks and days Obama throws a few crumbs to progressive/environmental issues that likely will be undone by trump & co!

IF people now critical of trumps lack of ordinary decency, cabinet picks, lies and deceit, racism and sexism, would have looked critically at what obama brought to the table - the difference between his rhetoric and cabinet picks, agenda taking shape, we might not now be facing this likely catastrophe in so many areas!
Failure to build any strong progressive base by both clintons and obama made the bed we now all must lay-in!

If "Progressives", Dems, independents, and slavish toady Obama (and HRC) adorers had then not been silent and demanded real "change we can believe-in" we might have a Bernard Sanders or other person of integrity entering the WH!

The failure to criticize by many when it might have made a difference was deference to obama's race, similar to voters supporting HRC because of gender - both cases ignored the facts and numerous betrayals..................


I just read 'The Atlantic's' lead article - "China's Great Leap Backward".

I was struck by similarities between what appears to be happening there, and what is happening here !

The citizens of both countries are dissatisfied with their respective systems - and powerless to do anything about it.

And strikingly out of sight, as geopolitics is discussed by our extraordinarily well traveled and savvy reporters and commentators and even former politicos, such as Henry Kissinger, who is also featured in another article in the same issue of The Atlantic - is any comprehensive conception of the real world, and our place in it.

We wheel and deal in geopolitics - and are divorced from geology, geography, biology - the natural world.

A house built on sand, as it were, rather than a home on Earth.


And just like a sandcastle, Mother Nature will wash away human civilization through rising tides.


I'd be more suspicious of the Atlantic's comments on China than you are. This interview with John Pilger offers a different and I would argue a more honest perspective on US and China policy.


Time to dust off the history books, read up on "Boss Tweed" because as much as Trump reminds me of Mussolini his choices look more and more like Tweed.


Thank you thylacine - Siouxrose often supplied the needed corrections to my sometime lack of correct usage - she has not been with us recently. Keep the faith!


...the bed in which we all must lie.
Please don't end a sentence with a preposition.
How's that?


You know, these are interesting times !

We were once tribal hunters - perhaps we still are.

But we were techy also, and the dragon slayers slew the last dragon a long time ago - thereby putting ourselves out of work.

So we farmed and citified - became domesticated - in a word - civilized.

To utilize a little writer's license - the only thing that I can see we have achieved that is at all worthwhile in the last ten or perhaps five thousand years is the ability to go to space.

This is a worthy challenge for any true nomad - let's go ~


Remember, China is Russia's largest trading partner and RT is not unbiased, like all state-dominated news sources.


They're invested in the dems because they not so secretly check how the DOW performs.


Write home about it.



A Yankee girl and Southern girl sit beside each other on a flight from Atlanta to New York.
Southern girl, all friendly, asks Yankee girl: "Hi there, so where y'all from?"
Yankee girl, all snotty and superior, responds: "From a place where we know not to end a sentence with a preposition"
Southern girl: "So where y'all from... bitch?"


Given the Donald's extensive and entangling conflicts of interest and his apparent total lack of divesting himself from them, it occurs to me that a very likely scenario is for TD to resign very early on after the hoopla and before any actual conflicts arise from his taking any actions.
I believe he was trying to promote his brand and succeeded far greater than he expected. But it will all go to waste if he actually takes office. By resigning he has gained the best of all possible worlds, as far as the things that matter to him. Let's see. It's logical and that may well mean it won't happen.


More better.


Divorced, so true. And yet green time is just as part of human need as for any other animal, only how many of us get any on a daily basis?

Actually, one can build a very strong house (rammed earth) out of sand, and silt, and clay, but the sand content is only about 20-30%. And it can have almost the same hardness after it cures as concrete walls.

And if we did live in earthen homes, we would be more in touch with Earth, effectively being like swaddled within it. In fact, people often liken the sensation of being in an earthen home with thick walls to that sensation/feeling of being in cave, which is where we were before we came out of the caves and built first with earth/stone, probably because we were actually trying to recreate the cave itself.


I am home - here on 'the commons'.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~


Thanks for reminding those Clinton supporters what our choices were.
It's Trump that will expose the "fix" to the world and hopefully all of his supporters. Leave it to him to blow the game for everyone, there's one in every crowd. Bush did a good job of it but Trump is the one. The Republican party is squirming at all he is exposing about their true intentions. They are toast after this one.


Precisely. We knew when Obama picked his cabinet that we had been betrayed. What a sad moment it was too, to know he played on people's need for hope and prayers for change. He and Clinton are every bit as corrupt, they just throw the masses a bone once in a while to keep up the charade.
Both parties are now exposed for what they are. It's a hard lesson for the American people but it had to happen.


Haha that's a good one that I've never heard before. O, wait, my apologies for giving you credit for originality. That one's as old as the crust in your underwear, beeeaaatch! Bam!