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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020

Norman Solomon

Twenty-five years ago—when I wrote a book titled “False Hope: The Politics of Illusion in the Clinton Era”—I didn’t expect that the Democratic Party would still be mired in Clintonism two and a half decades later. But such approaches to politics continue to haunt the party and the country.


Oh gawd, make it stop!


From the article:

“Compare those successes (A O-C and the other freshmen) to two decades of Green Party candidates running for Congress and never coming close.”

Compare Norman Solomon to an actual progressive—the latter would take proper note of the ongoing D/R collusion to make sure that neither the Greens nor any other third party ever come close.


Cancers need to be excised. The Clintons are such a cancer and should the Dims be arrogantly stupid enough to allow another Clinton run, the result would be the same.


What it means is 4 more years of Trump.


Hillary is the Harold Stassen of the 21st century.


She won’t run again AND who listens to anything Bill Clinton says nowadays? He is senile and stumbles & bumbles whenever seen in public. Let’s face it, no matter how much she “changed”, she would get beat like a dirty rug in 2020. I think she has enough self respect that she wouldn’t put herself through it again.


Who owns the media ?/ The truth about the Bushes and the Clintons will never be revealed by the MSM.


Hillary/Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 2020

Solomon would write a column telling us to hold our nose…because Trump! Take it to the bank.


Hillary Clinton is a product of her age and my age. She is admired by us for the work she did for women and children. The hatred for Hillary and out-of-orbit lies about her reveal the problem many men in the US have with women in power and the behavior of the right-wing. Glad a number of the women going to the House have a background in the military. Hillary is happy to be a Grandmother and has a right to speak whenever she wants. She is actually the President according to 3 million people. Remember Don Con who is not the fault of Hillary Clinton.


Your comments, Norman, on Green Party candidates LOSING for decades, conveniently ignores all the political efforts of the Democrats and their Duopoly buddies, to silence and STOP independent political voices and electoral efforts through laws and regulations that keep America from hearing mew ideas that differ from the corporate-approved illusions.
Cortez and others once again will spend time and energy fighting their OWN leaders when it should be to advance ideas which should be in their platform.
NONE of this is easy, but there MUST be a start … and outside of the DP. “Changing it” has already been tried, and it HAS changed … to the right!
Stop dreaming and start to help BUILD New Forces!


This Liberal WILL NOT vote for another neoliberal Democrat again! Hillary, why don’t you please, please, please just blow away into the wind and leave us alone…we don’t want you or your corporate-backed ideals. Just go away.


This is a trigger-bait article from Norm, quite obviously. You don’t have to worry about it.


Today Joe Biden just said (again) that he would be the “most qualified” Dim to run. Where have we heard that phrase before?


Um… every election cycle?


Asking “Please …” anything to Hillary or any other oligarchic Dem is like stabbing yourself. It’d not lack of “please” requests or reason that makes them do what they do. It’s lack of morals and vision of humanity.
Truly progressive solutions will NOT come from the Democratic Party any time soon. And we need solutions SOON. They won’t give an inch without tremendous fighting … and WE need YARDS, not inches. They exist to waste our time and energy while they cut deals in the back rooms. We must stop wasting time and energy on that scum.
You WANT something? You gotta organize, elucidate your GOALS, and FIGHT for it. No begging.

Another party that says clearly what it wants and campaigns OUT LOUD for it!!!


I can’t believe Hillary Clinton will run again. She is extremely smart and very experienced in government but she ran twice and lost the primary the first time and lost in the presidential election that second time. I do think that a candidate from the Clinton wing will win again simply because that wing outnumbers the Sanders wing among Democratic voters. Super Tuesday and the following Tuesday of primaries would seem to favor the Clinton wing with almost all the southern states holding primaries. A progressive candidate has to do much better than Bernie Sanders did in those primaries to win. Is there a progressive candidate who can do that?


HRC was the second most disliked politician in history, right after the orange imbecile. If the Vichy democrat party forces HRC on us again she will be number one most disliked of all time and guarantee the human irritable bowel will be back in the WH.
The primaries are the only elections that matter until Vichy/Clintonite Millionaires are tossed out on their asses


May Clinton be the Adlai Stevenson of this era!


Not true. She was actually quite popular during her tenure as Secretary of State: