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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


Yes, Debbie is right there in the Clinton mix. She helped get Jeffries in over Barbara Lee. Of course, Pelosi was also a stand up for the Clinton’s regressive policies including NAFTA and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act. They are holding onto power and won’t let go. They also have a lot of corporate and elite money to back them. The fight is on!


Clintonism continues and will continue, because it serves the interests of the ruling class. The Democratic Party (which is not at all democratic) would rather lose to a Trump (who also serves the ruling class) than change.


Using Politico to prove your point is a self inflicted defeat.


Just trying to demonstrate that HRC wasn’t the “the second most disliked politician in history” when she started to run. She was quite popular for some time before the right wing Bengazi and email Wurlitzer started whirring. Popularity is not some immutable quality, and maybe I should have been clearer. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of the popularity argument, though I get its attraction and dabble with it myself occasionally. Life is full of once-populars.


The Ruling Class keeps hauling Hillary onto the stage because she is a fundamentally divisive character. She has a small, passionate (& delusional) fan base, but otherwise is universally disliked or outright despised, by both ‘liberals’ as well as ‘conservatives.’ The mere dropping of her name sets liberals, progressives, lefties, & ‘centrists’ to fight among themselves. Thus Hillary, like the modern Democratic party, helps to keep the working class from unifying and challenging the Ruling Class.


I am apparently dense…explain please…


If this moron even Thinks about running, hope she trips and breaks her back.


Perhaps she will be disabled- I think she is now by dementia.


You are HARDLY dense, my friend. Maybe just not old enough like us geezers!
I’ll let history answer for you: Hint: LOOOOOSER!!!


Then let’s inform them that WE will not stand for this. We will vote Green or working families.


How about go away and be disabled so you never come back HRC?


She is not admired for ANYTHING, and I am also of this age.


Removing pay from household workers does not help women and children. By that, I mean the dismantling of the welfare system which was intended to ensure that women who MUST remain to raise a child and run the home, finances, etc., should at least have a basic lifeline of financial support. Both Bill and Hillary were for the dismantling of this live-saving program that ALSO benefitted the entire economy.


No FF, I am old enough…I do reject the Geezer label tho! Still riding my '85 4 cyl Beemer…fast!..I well member Adlai. I am from the last of the generation prior to the Boomers…the so-called “Silent Generation”…about 7 months prior to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atrocities. I still don’t grok the reference to Clinton (Bill or Hill?) being the “Adlai of this era”.

Adlai Stevenson was a principled, intelligent, well spoken politician of great integrity…just when JFK was gaining recognition.


Maybe I’m the non-grokker. I only meant that he lost after two tries. (I actually thought it was three) I was too young (Born four years before Ike’s first term) to really know a lot of the facts about him; nice to hear he was a good guy, though.

****(The “geezer” was tongue-in-cheek. I’m still a young’un at heart and physically as well)


Throwing women and children into slavery (the lucky ones) is not admirable:

Hillary Clinton “We Came, We Saw, He Died” (Gaddafi)


GEEZUS KRYST! A man-hater, huh? Besides that, “selective stoopidity” is not an attractive trait, nor is it helpful when seeking TRUTH. Your “facts” about Killery are laughable!!!


Not really,Zim. She’ll never get past the primary…IF it isn’t rigged again , that is.


Of course she’s running. She hasn’t been able to keep her yapper shut since losing and she’s practically photo-bombing the entirety of American neoliberal media at every opportunity (and still bitching about losing, of course).

If the GOP is Trump’s party, then the Democrat party belongs to the Clintons and all that entails. Sanders will run. He’ll be defeated in exactly the same manner as last time. He will shepherd the desperate, disaffected and terminally stupid back into the Clinton camp, but after two straight cycles of the exact same trick, more will stay home this time. And we’ll have 4 more years of Trump, who will demolish Clinton. And the Democrats have ensured Trump will run because he almost has to stay in office in order to avoid going to jail for something,

So the tl:dr version: what it means is a nearly exact repeat of 2016 with less participation and 4 more years of circling into the abyss.


Cant say the vermin don’t deserve her though.