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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


No offense meant but BULLSHIT!


Good analysis, flatdoodle.


Hillary engineered the destruction of Libya, turning it into a failed state, where rape and other violence against women & children are a daily occurrence. She had previously supported the 2nd war against the Iraqi people, with worse results. That is the real ‘work she did for women and children.’ I don’t know what the fvc4 is wrong with liberals that they think a ‘feminist’ can also be a war-monger.


Case closed, I guess. Oh, wait:

Meanwhile, in reality, progressives pretend to be knowledgeable and independent when they are as bandwagon-thinking as anyone else, particularly when the subject isn’t as clear and comfortable as some like to think.


I find it truly despicable that during the last run, she was mainly admired because of her sex organs. I don’t know what the opposite of misogyny is but coming from that perspective doesn’t help win a progressive agenda either and skews normal open-minded debate and issue-searching.


Sorry, I still call BULLSHIT! Facts and such are easily skewed. Besides POPULARITY or SEX is no basis from which to choose support of a politician.


My gawd. HRC was very popular and this popularity didn’t start to fade until, really, the right wing Wurlitzer on Bengazi and emails started revving. Are you impervious to empirical fact? Just look:

This is also a lesson on why I believe progressives need to be cautious on the most popular argument. Popularity is not innate nor does it always last. As I note above, life is full of once-populars.


No more Clintons, please. You’ve done enough (personally profitable) harm already. Please go away and confine yourselves to counting your money.
P.S. No thanks to Hillary for forcing fracking on Romania. Go frack yourself.


O.K. O.K. But here’ my opinion: SHE IS A PIECE OF WEEK-OLD SHIT!


I don’t think Adlai Stevenson was anything like HillRod (except for the losing part). Stevenson had principles, and the country would have been better off if he’d defeated Eisenhower. I truly believe we’d be dropping bombs on Iran right now if Hillrod had won in 2016.


Thank you for this article. The list of actions of Presidents Clinton and Obama were particularly interesting, all added together. You forgot one, however: President Obama’s massive giveaway to health insurance companies, called Obamacare. This removed reasonably-priced insurance plans from the market (my insurance was $250/mo before Obamacare). People who couldn’t afford insurance then received hugely subsidized insurance (my new plan would be $1000/mo, $499 paid by me, $499 paid by the federal government, PLUS a $5000 co-pay, which means I wouldn’t actually receive any insurance until after I’d ponied up $5000. Which is all moot, because I can’t afford $499/mo. So I’m one of the millions who lost their insurance because of Obamacare.) But do not that Obamacare calls for the insurance company to receive, up front, $10,988 from the government, plus my $5,988 for insuring me. This when medical costs per person per year is, on average, $8,000. It is a massive, massive giveaway.


Yeah? Well right now, and for the last 2 plus years at least, Bernard Sanders is the most popular, well respected politician in America - by double digits…

repeat…"We came, we saw, (we lied) he died…add hideous smile and mirthful cackle at the torture & murder!


The Democratic elites are unaware of their own greed? They also seemed unaware of the Electoral College, and the decentennial census as well!


Hillary is always popular, right up until she runs:


That’s my point. She was super popular and the idea she wasn’t (which is what was claimed) is after-the-fact reasoning. I cited a similar article above.

Whatever the case, she ain’t running (good) and Norm just wrote another click-bait progressive trigger article.


Looks like his article worked on you.


What? I don’t know what you are talking about.


If it’s click bait, you got hooked.


Got it and you got me!


Either way - the ruling class wins and the political winners and losers get their pay offs for playing the game and/or acting the act.