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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


“Night of the Living Dead” was also very popular but that doesn’t mean you would want them in your living room. Sometimes things need to rest in peace.


Hi Lrx, but Bernie come out of no where and gathered more young voters too Hillary and friends ran a terrible campaign and offered nothing because she thought she didn’t have to do anything to beat the Trump. I believe she will drop dead because she looks so unhealthy. I wonder what that funeral will be like----as the GHWBush was like revomiting vomit! : (


HRC isn’t running. This is a click-bait article not dissimilar to the nonsense about Joe Crowley staying on the ballot to undermine Ocasio-Cortez that everyone got riled up about for a minute. Remember that baloney?


How would I know. The Clinton’s lust for power and money is endless and they have plenty of sycophants (many in power in the democratic party) that would love them (her) to run.


She’s said she’s not running repeatedly and has yet to do anything to set up a campaign apparatus in any state. Compare this to Bernie, who is obviously getting an early start.


Maybe she should could run as a republican. Anything is possible in the U.S. of A. And after the Clintons get done with their lovefest over the passing of daddy Bush…maybe they will gain more points with the republicans. After all, Bill was one of the best republican presidents we’ve had.


Americans love Coca-Cola and Pepsi too but I don’t see the difference.


Good, I guess?


Sorry but you have no future in the Democratic Party.


It is most important to keep working on getting eligible voters back on the rolls. Devious voter disenfranchisement tactics must be rooted out and addressed in the courts so that illegal practices stop. And if the government insists on voter ID, let the govt devise a standard govt voter ID so that there will no longer be questions about what is valid or not. And this provided by the govt. Another way to keep voters engaged in the process is to include issues on the ballots that voters care about. These things tend to raise voter turn out. I read that and it makes sense. Hillary has really big money supporting her and right now most people don’t trust really big money. It smells like corruption and influence. I don’t think she would pass the smell test.


I’m wounded…Life as I know it is over now.


And let’s don’t forget that she was instrumental in validating the 2009 coup against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, turning that country into a hellhole (or should I say “shithole”) country, with the world’s highest murder rate–from which most of the ‘migrant caravan’ at the southern US border are composed. She cares sh#t about women and children.


Hillary isn’t running. She couldn’t win any of the first 4 Primaries. She’s dead in the water, after that point.
The only folks who keep running after they’re dead in the water are GPers, don’t ya know.:):);).


Uh, name the great things she did for women and children. I somehow missed it.


Baloney. Some of us women are older than she is. I can give her a little credit for crumbs she got us, but that’s what Dems do…screw us over but dole out crumbs so they look less evil than Repugs. You can’t make much of a meal on crumbs. Hillary is a lying hawk and a loyalist to the corporate state. She and her best buddy Kissinger belong in the same cell.


You are right, it won’t change. Not without addressing the issue of money. It has to be limited to tax payer funded equal amounts only, or there will never be parity, or likely any change at all.


Part of the process will be up to wethepeople to make the media stop their ever-so-adroit-and-effective manipulation of the news and politik. They’re as craven as Hillary and the Dems are…yech…maybe more so.


She was popular on Wall Street. In the country at large, not so much.


Not true. I posted links to multiple polls above. But if you gotta tell yourself what you want to believe repeatedly, be my guest.


T, thanks for adding that in. I have no love lost for any Dem in the last 40-50 years. I hate the MSM and marvel at Americans’ rush to shoot themselves in the foot…well, I guess that phenomenon isn’t limited to tea baggers or Americans any more…