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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


David, you’re asking this question of definition in all seriousness, so my answer is that I pretty much eschew these political labels like progressive, liberal, etc. I read up on the different parties’ platforms and identify myself with the one(s) whose values most align with mine.


Yes, I don’t think I could adopt any of the current political labels. I usually vote Green because theirs is the only “peace” platform. The paradigm shifts that need to happen, in my view, would eliminate all these divisions and are not going to happen in my lifetime. I’m just trying to apply my energy, in what time I have left, where it will do the most good for the most people. The U.S., I believe, is way off track.


Progressives as a party or progressives as a movement? 1900 for the former, 1860s for the latter. Same general geographical areas- look for railroad hubs around large granary storeage facilities and livestock yards. Hint: the latter were small business owners ( English shopkeepers, sort of ) and co-ops of ranchers, farmers and millers. Railroad Barons & Leechy Monopolies were on their major shit list, for sure.
And, they are part of an evil movement out to destroy the country: if your country is incorporated in the State of Delaware and trades on the NYSE, etc., that is. The modern American progressives are exponentially more dangerous than the Minnesota Vikings in a Super Bowl game. Just guessin’.
P.S. Be afraid, be very afraid.


You’re very gentle, Sir David. The US is off your and my track and that of readers of CD, among others. “They” are very much ON their track to destroy democracy (such as it is), the country, other countries, and eventually the planet. Excoriated by more pragmatic (?) family and friends, I vote Green, too. However, I’ve pretty much reached the end of my hope rope. My resistance is passionately mechanical (oxymoron?) these days. I just finished watching Dec 14 show of “Democracy Now!” where more truth about GHW Bush is shown rather than the nauseating hagiography going on in the media…and I wish I were a drinker…not really LOL…


Did you voice the same opinion on Senator McStain while he was a fixture on the Sunday talk shows after losing to Obama?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.


Well done! You just conducted your own personal press conference in someone else’s name.


Thank you. I understand, completely. Something has come up and I have to go up north for a couple of days to attend to an ailing friendship. Rats, just when I asked my big question.


Progressives as a movement, which, I gathered, lead to progressives as a party.


No worries, I’ve got your back. Toasted Bush 41’s long-belated demise with a couple Pilsner Urquells and Rumple Minze straight from the freezer. The world seemed a friendlier place for a bit.


Clinton running in 2020 means doing the same thing over again & expecting different results which is of course insanity. If anyone in the Clinton, Obama family, their administrations, women or minorities run, Trump will be re-elected. Joe Biden decided not to run in 2016 because Clinton ran. If he runs in 2024, Pence will be elected.
I wish the American People would vote for leaders that would stand up to Wall Street instead of sucking up to them & would end all our wars including Afghanistan & end aid to Saudi Arabia & Israel.


Your propaganda for the odious red queen is total BS! HRC is NOT, and never was, the most popular politician in America, she is,a nd was reviled by a majority of America, and up to date (not from 2013!) polls and evidence show that Bernie Sanders is the most popular for good and valid reasons, not partisan shill speculation and lies!

Your DP establishment clinton/obama wing garbage is just that…utter rubbish, and very tiresome!

The defeat of the trump regime, root and branch, will not be accomplished by another clinton candidacy of ego and “my-turnism” from the corrupt DP elite establishment DINO wing of sellout quislings! The DINO wing of the DP must also be rooted out and a true progressive party built to replace it in every rotten sellout they screwed the “little-people” with serving big-money - corporate/banker/wall street whores the lot of 'em!!

You are so transparently FOS!


Oh, wow. I guess this factual statement is wrong in your world:

I’m not defending her or saying she is awesome, just that the same silly arguments we are making about popularity applied to her at one point. The right wing Wurlitzer exists to wreck those arguments and is well tuned to doing so. Popularity is not immutable, after all.


I don’t know what those are, but I’m a’gonna look ‘em up! Be safe on your trip…


OMG… Rumple Minze… Your poor poor body…


BINGO! That has been the Dems M.O. for many years and they have gotten away with it for too long! The Democratic, politically, powerful, and corrupt, elite have sold out true progressives time and time again.


I couldn’t agree more. I just wish she would sit down and shut up! And NO, for you lunatics out there, it’s not because she’s a woman. It’s because she’s, right or wrong, the most unpopular person in the American political scene, at least as unpopular as the Orange Toddler.

Remember the old quote about learning from history or repeating it? Hillary is done. If she’s not, we are done.


Did you forget 2016? Yes, she was popular, but she also had the highest negatives of anybody running, even higher than Donald the Menace. A lot of people who voted for him were actually just voting AGAINST her. I’m a proud liberal and I literally held my nose to vote for her. She needs to stay out of 2020.


My gawd. Read my comments above. She wasn’t always unpopular with big negatives. She was super popular as Secretary of State. My whole point is popularity isn’t immutable. A politician can be popular, then get wrecked as campaigns move forward and the opposition apparatus swings into gear. It’s why the popularity argument is kind of a sucker’s bet (and I count myself as one who has made it on occasion). Dukakis was popular for a while too.


I can only hope you’re right.


This is a very lucid and well considered evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s, and the other party leader’s roles in the Democratic party, although a bit too forgiving for my liking. Well Said!