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What It Means That Hillary Clinton Might Run for President in 2020


If she had any self respect none of us would have to be put through it in the first place.


If we had law enforcement agencies that actually did their jobs, we wouldn’t be facing this. She would be on the taxpayer tab in a prison for putting State Dept emails on an insecure server that was no doubt hacked into by foreign governments. Not to mention the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play emails that were no doubt still on Weiner’s computer as well.
When crime isn’t prosecuted, we continue having to deal with the criminals.


No F’in way!! Noooooooooooo!!!


At this point, Trump is no longer our top adversary to target. Mueller and candidate Sanders have our back on Trump. Nor does the major danger come from the billionaire-funded-wing of the GOP; their message is based on subterfuge and lies which became evident to most voters this year. That leaves the neo-liberal wing (short hand NLW) of the Democrats whose watered down ‘party unity’ compromises will cause newly energized progressive voters to stay home, again. These Wolves-FOR-Wall-Street are hopelessley addicted to corporate money. But it is not just the money. Educated as they are by Ivy League neo-liberal economists, the corporate boardroom is where their souls reside; their very being despises citizens who ‘merely’ toil for a living. If we manage to sideline the NLW, watch as the mysogenists and racists slink back to the margins of society where they belong. What is the connection? Because these thugs found their voice only after neo-liberalism had created so much insecurity and fear for the future that people grasped at straws. Trump fans that fear. There is a direct causal link between the NLW of the Democrats and Trump.

In the mid-terms, millions pounded the pavement, rang door bells, and donated their meager earnings because they agree with the progressive program, and believed the progressive candidates they voted for. They are not stupid; they don’t expect any worthwhile new law in the next two years. They don’t want watered down half measures. They mean to win the Senate and the White House in 2020, and they are prepared to fight alongside you every step of the way. Disappoint them by letting the NLW of the Democrats dilute your message, and watch them sit out the election in 2020, as they did to NLW leader, ‘banksters-in-my-cabinet’ Obama in 2014, and as they did to another NLW leader, ‘million-dollar-speaker’ Clinton in 2016. Walk tall, stay on message, call out any Pelosi-Perez missteps at every turn, and for goodness sake differentiate your 2020 election message from the NLW. We’ve done it once; we can do it again.


HRC is not running. Mitch McConnell still controls the Senate, Trump is still president. Republicans still have power in plenty of states.


An excellent and accurate commentary in every respect from Ian_kosher!

The entrenched DP establishment has colluded with the odious R’Cons and by its allegiance to wealth and power divided and caused millions to remain on the sidelines…caused millions to believe there was no alternative…to not fight against the American oligarchy and the power of vast wealth that dominates and subverts our domestic politics…the youth and independents that became energized by the candidacy of Bernie Sanders to change our republic to serve the people and future rather than wealth and the past were betrayed by that DINO corporate-whore wing of the Clintons and Obama and the DLC, et al.

The DINO Democrats in control of the political mechanisms of the party were, and are, still complicit to the con and business as usual, still working for political/party dominance that serves their masters …in their arrogance and service to wealth, responsible for the rise of the malignant and mental trump and his regime of wealth and narrow ignorant self-interest…a regime of racism, oppression, environmental destruction and neglect…of corrupt foreign policy of war and support for the most depraved and corrupt regimes on earth, that squanders resources and shifts trillions from civilian priorities to military and the war-machine.

We might have the momentum to again form a coalition to defeat darkness and greed and war, but the old-guard including the DINO wing must be recognized as part of the enemy and also must be defeated…their power and sycophant mouthpiece propagandists recognized for the shills and Quislings they are.


I am greatful the hero worship has about run it’s course. Nauseating. Just shows how needy the country is for something to believe in. I may try one of those remedies as well, soon.


The country is needy, alright. That’s what fascists create behind the scenes and then openly take over. That’s where we are now.

David, what makes you think the hero worship has about run its course? I don’t see that.

Tell me more about your remedies! How to do that?


Well, for you David, and Toni,- as I often say/think -: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy…peace to you both…and to us all in these perilous times. Keep what faith there is left!


Sorry, I was referring to another poster’s reply to your quip about becoming a drinker.
As for the end of hero worship, wishful thinking on my part, no doubt.


Thank you. Will be keeping that faith and looking for ways to make a difference.


I really hope you’re right.

We all need to keep our eyes open to the sad, scary facts and get ready for a real battle within our own party.

A tidbit I learned from watching Democracy Now! just about 2 weeks ago. A human rights attorney/activist was being queried about the tear gas and the infamous Honduran mother running with her children in toe. This activist said both Cory Booker and Hillary Clinton accepted donor money from the corporation that makes the vile tear gas Cult45 is using on these poor, vulnerable people.

How many people in our country know this? These are 2 possible presidential candidates that are completely owned by their GREEDY donors. Both need to go to hell. Retire there.


Most of the people being touted so far for Dem presidential hopefuls aren’t “progressive/liberal”. For instance Booker, Gillibrand, O’Malley and the “stud” Congressman from Ca that has been on TV nonstop about as much as Reverend Al. We all know where Sanders stands on most issues, Kamala Harris needs some more looking at as does Warren. O’Rourke is still an unknown (and too inexperienced to be Prez), but maybe ok as Vice. I like Sherrod Brown and maybe a few others that don’t come to mind right off.