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What it Really Takes to Secure Peace in Afghanistan


What it Really Takes to Secure Peace in Afghanistan

Kathy Kelly

Hossein, a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, (APV), which hosted my recent visit to Afghanistan, rolled up his sleeve to show me a still-healing three-inch wound. Thieves had broken into his family home in Kabul. When they were discovered, one of the robbers stabbed Hossein.


Thanks for adding “in their ways” at the end. What is it with the US that makes us believe the rest of the world wants to be like us?


How nice to hear some counter efforts to the insane war of the ooosa even though their efforts are limited.

“In 2018, the United States dropped 7,632 bombs on Afghanistan, more than any other full calendar year since the U.S. Air Force began documenting its attacks in 2006.”

Please media do you part in reporting this crime and others perpetrated by world governments.


I say take away the war profits of anyone attached to profiteering of the Bush world. At least start a fund, or just spend the billions on the rebuild. Some for each country fucked by them.